Something Old, Something New


My name is Tim. I’m a lot of things. I’m a blogger, an aspiring author, and a teacher (not a trainer…I’ll get into the difference between the two in a later post). I’m a reader, a sports fan, and a problem solver. I’m a realist, an introvert, and creative mind.

Some of you may be coming here because you read one of my old blogs. Others may have ended up here by googling me. Still others are here because they enjoy padding my site’s traffic. It’s all great either way. Welcome.

I’ll be posting here on Mondays and Fridays. Initially, a significant portion of my content will be recycled older content from previous sites. As this site continues to grow and I continue to develop my vision of what I want this site to be about, not to mention as other projects I’m working on move closer to completion, you’ll see more new content.

Stop by and stay a while. Welcome to That Tiny Website.


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