1. SamanthaLily

    These are all amazing. All of them. And 100% true (although I will say that while my best posts were fairly unpopular, my most popular post was not actually my worst–and started me off on the menstrual cup campaign. So there’s that).

    I’ve also learned that the things you THINK are the most controversial often aren’t, whereas you might be ripped to tiny little pieces over something you expected more support for. For example…not a lot of people got mad when I drew a picture of God flipping off everyone he didn’t like…which I expected hell for (pun intended)…but a LOT of people flipped out over my post about the MRA’s and I got beaten to a pulp on Twitter.

    • I like the point you bring up about controversial to you not necessarily meaning controversial to all. When I was writing my NaNoWriMo story, one of the topics I was trying to take on and draw attention to was that of domestic abuse and how it’s handled (or not handled) in many rural areas. I was concerned I was going to get a lot of negative feedback on my depiction (which was based on real events I’d seen myself), however the response was fairly positive to how I handled things.

  2. I’ve read this before, or have I not?
    I must say, I prefer your new blog, not just because disqus, it’s prettier.
    I can’t work out if I’m a new blogger or not, because it’s only this year I’ve felt confident to say “HI THIS IS WHAT I DO, COME LOOK”
    I’m slowly growing a wonderful devoted following, and that’s just the best and I’m happy about that, as I get to read some amazing blogs.

    • You likely have read it before, as it is one of the reposts from the old blog (if it’s blogging and writing related, it’ll likely show up here in due time). I’m happy you enjoy this blog’s format more than the other one. I really wish I had my old theme, just with the color scheme I’ve picked out for this blog.

    • The internet is weird? What ever do you mean? I can’t think of a single weird thing I’ve seen on the internet within the last 5 minutes. Granted, I spent the 5 minutes prior to this looking at a sheet of paper, but that means nothing. Right?

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