1. It’s always been shocking to me how obvious a post like this sounds when you’re happy, and how desperately you need to hear it when you’re not.

    I tend to isolate when I’m hurting. I’ve always done that. Part of it is just my personality, but part of it is feeling like it’s not okay to be in pain–that people are going to judge you or think you’re being dramatic or intrusive if they see it. That’s a really hard thing to balance.

    Thanks for putting this reminder out there. 🙂 Hopefully sad emo teenagers all across the world will find it in their google searches and you’ll inspire the lot of them!

  2. So true. For probably 10 years (13-23) I was super emotional. Now I feel like my emotions are evening out but I think it’s because I have started accepting more negative feelings than fighting them. I’ve come to appreciate and find some beauty in melancholy.

    • There really is a beauty in the melancholy, at least in my opinion. Being human isn’t about everything being happy all the time. It’s about the wide range of emotions that can occur every single day that make those moments of true bliss even more special.

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