1. I’m like you–different types of writing have different requirements. I can write a blog post just about anywhere with internet access, although I’ve noticed I do much better if I’m not playing music (light background music at a coffee shop or something is fine, as long as it’s not coming from my computer) and if I’m sitting up straight. I can do it with Tyler around interrupting me every ten minutes or cats jumping all over me, and I can do it any time of day.

    Fiction is different (partly because my fiction tends to be the direct opposite of my blog posts–serious, thoughtful, literary, even old-fashioned). I think my favorite place to write fiction is at a coffee shop, preferably in the morning or afternoon. I have to be alone, but I love being surrounded by activity and strangers and noise. It’s inspiring to me. I have also noticed that for fiction I do best writing in a word processing program that is very minimal and easy to look at, whereas I can write straight in WordPress, with all the clutter, for my blog and I’m totally fine.

    I recommend to other writers, if they write at home at all, to set aside their own space. I recently converted my dining room into an office, which is FANTASTIC, but if you don’t have that kind of flexibility I recommend at least finding a way to make your kitchen table or your sofa or wherever a comfortable, personal space for you when you sit down to write. Keeping that space tidy and nice-looking is important too. It really makes a world of difference to have a space that feels like it’s YOURS for writing in.

    Great post Tim, thank you so much for sharing! Gosh I wish you’d been around like 10 years ago when I started writing–I seriously needed all this advice you’re giving out then!

    • That’s a ton of info that I think can help out others as well. I’ve noticed that a lot of people really love writing with music, however I can’t always do it. Furthermore, the kind of music I’m able to listen to is somewhat dependent off of what I’m writing. I can’t (typically) listen to music with words when I’m writing a fictional story, as the lyrics of the song confuse the dialogue in my head. It sounds stupid, but it’s true.

      I don’t think all of the advice I have is great (or even astounding), however if someone is just starting off as a blogger, I think I have a lot of guidance I can offer them. Granted, I’m probably not the right person to talk to when it comes to some things (say, blog layout or graphic design), however I can usually speak to content creation pretty well.

  2. I like this. And I agree with you about the noise. If I’m blogging, I can have some background noise (although not noise from my computer) and still be able to concentrate. But if I’m writing any kind of fiction or when I had to write papers in school, it had to be silent.

    I don’t even like listening to music when I blog. I get distracted so easily.

    My writing place is luckily my bed… it’s the quietest place in the house and it’s where I feel most comfortable. So I’m usually already there when inspiration strikes.

    • I currently use my bed as my primary writing place in my current apartment. With that said, I’ll be moving here in the coming months, and have yet to find a place that I can consistently write in the new place (I’ll be moving in with my fiancee, so I’ve had some time to look for a writing place). It’s really weird. Some places I’ve lived I just haven’t felt comfortable writing in. I’m not a fan of it when it happens.

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