1. Confession time: I almost read “people are suckers for lists,” as “people are suckers for tits,” even though it’s not the first time I read this post. I must credit Paris Hilton for knowing how to “present herself.” And the last time I read it, did I comment on Reason #5? Because if not, I must’ve left a segment of my thought in another room while I was commenting.

    Finally, allow me to express my disappointment for getting distracted by a kitty as opposed to a squirrel. This is on me, though. I enabled it. Or are we just more responsive to images? In all seriousness though, we are more likely to submit ourselves to pictures if we had a choice between text-heavy posts and lists. :/

    • Paris Hilton: Ambassador of Lists. Or tits. Or lists of tits.

      So..funny story…as I move posts over from the old site to here, I delete the old post. This one was moved over in October, but I kept pushing it back until now. So I’m not sure who exactly commented on what regarding this post. Sincerest apologies.

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