1. Wilhelmina Upton

    I don’t get invited to weddings so what the heck to I know but since I love getting random mail, I would also like to get a thank you card. I can’t even explain why but it sounds nice. Like I said though, I cannot say how I feel about this if I had already gotten 124 thank you cards back. So um, maybe lets talk about this again in 20 years?!

    • I just find them to be terribly wasteful. It’s one thing if someone wants to go out of their way to give additional thanks to their guests. But the fact that thank you cards are expected — and the hosts of the wedding are looked upon as bad people if they don’t send them — is a depressing sign of where we are as a society.

      • Wilhelmina Upton

        Well yes. It’s a dumb thing to be EXPECTED of everyone ever. I still like mail so send me a card, damn it. It could also be an email, I’m not above that.

  2. I don’t get it either. I don’t really get 99% of greeting cards though either. In this age of technology, we’re STILL chopping down trees and squashing bugs so grandma can send me a Happy Halloween card? Ugh. It’s so wasteful and outdated.

    • Even grandmas find them to be a joke. The fiancee’s grandma lives at a place where people actually donate their greeting cards to a storage facility for crafting. Apparently they had to throw away 7 garbage bags full over Christmas because there were so many.

  3. I think it’s one of those traditions that just became part of the whole wedding thing. There’s a lot of wedding stuff that I don’t get. I was in my friend’s wedding last summer and being a part of the process made me realize just how antiquated a lot of the practices are.

    Idk, there are some parts of tradition that I think are nice but thank you cards are indeed wasteful. Wasteful of time and trees and energy. Sadly, I think it’s become such an expectation that it seems rude if someone DOESN’T send a card.

    If I ever get married, I think I’m going to go the lazy route and skip a lot of the silly traditions. The only thing I’ll go all out for are the dress and the food for the reception. Because you have to have good eating.

    • Then ending line to your second paragraph is the exact reason why I wrote this post. From a societal standpoint, it’s preferred that you send a disingenuous thank you card than to not sending one at all. It seems like our priorities and morals are in the wrong place.

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