1. Thank you for the lovely review, Tim! I’m sorry you were expecting a humor book–that didn’t even cross my mind as an impression people would get, but it definitely makes sense and I sincerely hope you’re the only person who had that idea. 🙁

    I do plan on writing a humor book soon too, though, if that helps. 😀

    As for teenagers–I’d love to influence teenagers, it’s their parents who might not be on board. Like when 6 year olds point at me and yell “Mommy, look, LOOK!!! She has BLUE HAIR!” at the mall and the moms frown and say “yeah, she does. Here, you want your snack now?”

    • Don’t feel bad about the humor book assumption. If nothing else, the fact that it wasn’t a humor book gave me the opportunity to highlight some of the humor posts you’ve written.

      Your point about parents and how they react to people with non-natural hair colors makes me a bit ragey on a related-but-not-related topic. I may have to write a post about how public schools limit who can and cannot teach at schools based off of hair color and having tattoos.

      • Post related: I totally meant to get this book this weekend. I’m slacking as blogger. I’m on the way, Jill…seriously.

        Comment related: I think if we allowed more freedom in high schools, people wouldn’t loose their minds once they get the freedom of college/adulthood. I’m kind of hoping I get a little nerdy freak when I have kids. They end up being the coolest people. So much more depth.

        • Speaking as a kid who was super nerdy in high school (well sort of…I did newspaper/yearbook, marching band, jazz band, and academic challenge…but I also lettered in three sports), we do turn out pretty awesome.

  2. Not that I doubted the book would be awesome, but this post makes me want to get it even more.

    If she prints a paperback version, I’ll buy that too. I want to have an entire bookshelf just dedicated to 20SB awesome writers (hint hint, nudge nudge everyone).

    I’m excited to read and review this myself.

    • I can certainly promise you that I’m working towards trying to get a book to put on your shelf. You need not worry.

      I’d like to think I did her book justice. As I said, it’s a very short work, but I think there’s a lot of good information in its pages.

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