1. Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite Miyazaki film too. I even named my gas heater that licks out flames every time it turns on Calcifer. :). Have you seen Princess Mononoke? I always recommend that one to the guys…they usually love it the most. Tyler’s favorite is Nausicaa.

    • I have seen Princess Mononoke, however I strongly prefer Howl’s Moving Castle. My second favorite is probably a close race between Princess Mononoke and The Secret World of Arrietty.

  2. Of your list, I’ve only seen Dodgeball and Good Night and Good Luck. Both of which I love. I honestly don’t get the love of Syriana… I found that film a little boring, but I guess I was only 16 when I saw it so I might have an entirely different opinion now. I digress.

    It’s funny that you have The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Number 23 on the list together. My friend and I recently had a discussion about movies we liked and didn’t like. He says The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is on the list of his least favorite movies ever, but he thinks The Number 23 is criminally underrated and thinks it’s one of Jim Carrey’s best performances. My interest in that one is at least somewhat piqued. I remember it getting “meh” reviews so I never saw it. But with two people vouching for it recently, I’ll have to reconsider. I do think Jim Carrey is excellent in more serious roles. I can take or leave the Bruce Almighty and Yes Man fare.

    • Bruce Almighty was Carrey’s last great comedic film. It wasn’t quite to the level of The Mask or Liar Liar, but it was a well-written film with a crazy man acting at his peak.

      The sad thing about The Number 23 is that it isn’t even in my top three Jim Carrey films (The Truman Show is my favorite movie of all time, plus The Grinch and Liar Liar both beat it). But it gets such a strong amount of hate because of the director that it deserves a far better reputation than it has.

  3. Underrated movies are typically under appreciated. The top list ones tend to be hyped for some superficial reasons. Then again, I usually read the synopsis first before deciding whether or not I’ll watch it. The only exception to that rule is when I go to movies with friends, at which point I indicate my preferences for comedy. Having said that, I should give Dodgeball a view.

    • I almost always want to watch a comedy film. Movies (and video games for that matter) are an escape from daily stress. I don’t want to have to think. I do enough of that for multiple people at work.

    • I feel as though that same logic is part of why I like Garbage’s music as much as I do. Shirley Manson was a childhood crush who has aged quite well.

  4. I’ve only seen three of your list, but Howl’s Moving Castle is hubby’s favourite animated movie. I bought him the special edition on BluRay for his birthday last year, and I swear, he could have died a happy man that day.

    I can understand the hate for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but I personally have always loved it. I saw it in theatres when it came out, and bought it the day it came out on DVD. Now I want to watch it tonight… Hmmm.

  5. Kate

    I honestly didn’t care for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but Dodgeball was actually way funnier than I had expected going in.

    For me, I honestly think the most underrated movie of the 2000s was “The Village”. It got a lot of hate because it was a M. Knight Shymalan film, but honestly, I really enjoyed it. The cinematography was fantastic (it was a hands-down gorgeous film in terms of visuals), the score was gorgeous and the story was interesting.

    • Oh man. You made me remember a movie that likely should have made my honorable mention for this list (probably wouldn’t have made the final six though). I normally can’t stand M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, but The Happening was a fantastic movie. I realize it’s universally panned, but the movie is just so bad it’s good.

      • Kate

        I still haven’t been able to work myself up to watching The Happening. It came out right after I lost someone to suicide, so the entire premise just didn’t sit right with me.

        • Oddly enough, it had the opposite effect on me. Not too long before it came out, a family member of mine tried to commit suicide, however he was found in time and his life was able to be saved. The Happening served as some level of catharsis for me in dealing with said event.

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