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Out In The Not So Cold

Note: This post is a recycled post from my old blog discussing customer service experiences. While the post itself is roughly six months old, I’ve left the post exactly as it was for sake of consistency, as well as my reaction to said event.

I got a new refrigerator, guys!

Look at this fridge! Look at it!
Look at this fridge! Look at it!

There’s a reason why this is a big deal. Well, a few actually. I’ve been rather critical of my apartment complex in the past, as they haven’t exactly been the best at pretty much anything in the past. Air conditioner breaks in the middle of summer? Replace a fuse and say it’s fixed, only for it to break again within an hour (it was later replaced, though that took quite some time). Invasion of yellow jackets around the same time? They’ll be taking up residence in my kitchen from late May until early August. Have a cat? Here’s a pissy neighbor who hates any noise and will complain until the apartment management says the cat has to go.

But I digress…

Over the past few weeks, my old refrigerator had slowly been dying. By dying, I mean that my ice cream would be frozen with the consistency of an angel food cake, and my milk would go bad 5-7 days before the sell-by date. My fridge was also old. I’m not sure how old exactly, however I know I did run into it down at the gas station buying cigarettes once, so I’m going to go with being made in the mid-90s at newest.

When you have a modern convenience that doesn’t work — even one as omnipresent as the refrigerator — it changes the way we go about living. For the past month or so, I had partly avoided/partly wasn’t sure about my fridge’s imminent demise, so instead of handling it right away, I waited. I changed the foods I bought. I made smaller meals and ate out slightly more to avoid having to keep leftovers any longer than a night. So much for making soup on Sunday nights to last me through Wednesday lunch. Now if the meal wasn’t portionable to two or fewer meals, I wasn’t purchasing for it.

After four weeks of this shenaniganry, I decided to email my apartment management to tell them about my fridge issues. I emailed on a Sunday night, fully expecting to hear nothing from them until at least Thursday. When Monday evening arrived and I was walking into my building without a call, I figured I was on the right track. But then…I walked into my kitchen to find a brand new fridge. Not only that, but the fridge was cold and all of my groceries were inside.

Like I said, I had stopped buying pretty much everything for a month. I made a store run within the hour.
Like I said, I had stopped buying pretty much everything for a month. I made a store run within the hour.

I was blown away. I literally stood in my kitchen for the next 2-3 minutes saying nothing more than “holy shit” over and over. This couldn’t be real. After all the bullshit and all the stupidity of the last three years, could the apartment staff have actually gotten something right AND gone above and beyond all the while?

Apparently, yes.

What is the best customer service experience that happened to you recently? Sound off in the comments.

    1. To be fair, I get far more excited about creating complex Excel spreadsheets than I do appliances. That makes me both super adult and super lame, I think.

      1. My best friend is exactly the same. I love making excel spreadsheets too for things. Especially for budgeting, bills and savings. Scott laughed at me the other day, because he came home, and I proudly started showing off my new spreadsheets.

        1. I feel as though if I started showing my fiancee some of the things I’ve made spreadsheets for (especially non-work items), she’d look at me like I was insane. Well…more insane than she normally looks at me like I am.

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