• It’s going fairly well so far. She bought me ice cream the other day. I’ve yet to have any (that will change tonight), but it’s a lovely gesture.

  1. I think anyone would have cleaning anxiety if 15 hours of work wasn’t enough for some shitty apartment complex.

    I’ve moved 16 times in my life and only one landlord I’ve ever had was THAT dickish about it. But then he was a crazy person who literally busted into our apartment and tried to strangle both Tyler and I, so. Y’know. Not a normal example.

    On a more fun note, it’s exciting that you’re moving in with your fiancee!

    • There’s a happy ending to this story though. I got all of my deposit back except for $15 for a broken set of blinds (which had been broken since roughly my first month of living there).

  2. Damn. Now I’m thinking about likely moving sometime come summer. Packing is the absolute worst (and, as you point out, call that cleaning!). I know I’m supposed to be a grown-ass adult, but I’ll probably try and coax my parents to visit and help.

    • If it weren’t for my fiancee, I don’t think that I would have stayed sane during the cleaning process. Cleaning is the worst.

  3. I haven’t moved all that often, but I’m weird when it comes to the cleaning. I used to hate cleaning, but my mom pounded it so hard into us, that now I clean quite regularly. Cleaning after moving is exciting to me. (Far more exciting than having to clean where I’m moving TO before I can move in… that, I absolutely hate). It’s this whole idea of being able to put it back to what it was, to leave it in as close to perfection as I can.

    I think I’m more excited about cleaning this time after moving, mainly because a) I own it now and b) I want our new tenants to see the pride that the previous owners put into renovating the basement apartment, and the pride that Scott and I have had in keeping it look like it was just renovated.

    As far as you moving in with your wife-to-be, I’m totally excited for you! That was one of my favourite parts of moving. Even though I didn’t start sleeping there until after the wedding, we had all my stuff moved over about three months before and set up the way we wanted it to be. It was exciting to have it as our first home.

    • I believe the fact that my mom was such an obsessive cleaner and the fact that all of the moving living with my dad/stepmom turned me off to it more than it should. I don’t get excitement or joy out of cleaning at all. I mean, yes, I am happy that whoever comes after me doesn’t have to clean. But that doesn’t bring me joy. I just view it as basic human decency.

      Thanks. I am pretty excited that we’re living together. I don’t think this situation would have arisen had it not been for the shoddy service of my old apartment complex (among a few other circumstances). It is nice though, in spite of increasing my commute time by 30-40% each day.

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