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Remember that I’m writing a book? Well, some of you remember at least. Those of you who are a bit newer…hey! I’m writing a book.

Hey, I'm as surprised it's still happening as you are. Image credit:
Hey, I’m as surprised it’s still happening as you are. Image credit:

Let’s rewind for a moment.

In 2013, I wrote a pair of short stories for my old blog. The first was a standalone short story called Soma which dealt the loss of a loved one. The second was a dark series of short stories based off of Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions originally titled Ode to Tori. Both tales were very well received by readers of the blog. I’d like to believe that the strength of writing displayed in Soma helped me make it to the semifinals of Twenty Something Bloggers’ Bootleg Awards.

Around the time I finished up the Plutchik series (whose name had changed at least once by this point), a couple of my readers became very vocal in encouraging me to publish my short stories in a book. I’d considered it previously, however I wasn’t sure that my work was good enough. I had a couple of people try to encourage me to do the same thing with the NaNoWriMo story in 2012, but I didn’t feel like it was time for a myriad of reasons.

In late 2013, a pair of ebook related items helped to motivate me towards making my decision to publish. First, a fellow blogger, Amanda Osborn, published her first ebook, One Word Says it All: Stories From My Year Abroad in ChinaNot too long after, Jen Glantz of The Things I Learned From wrote a guest post for my old blog talking about how she wrote an ebook. After both of those items came to fruition, I decided to put together stories and self-publish a book.

I had this grand plan of being able to edit and self-publish the book before the start of spring of 2014. Work got in the way — frequently. I spent quite a bit of time planning out other things. Not to mention I got engaged((Which actually was pretty heavily related to that whole planning out other things item)). Needless to say it was a busy time. But mid-summer of last year, I had a book file ready to edit.

I got the bright idea to do editing through a peer review process. My original batch of people I sent the book was seven people strong, including a published author of dark fiction((Considering the content of my book, this is right up my alley)). A few people (I’ll save most of the thank yous to the end of this post) provided wonderful feedback on my work. That said, I ran into a bit of a problem of some of those who had offered to peer review my book not doing so. Everyone was reviewing out of their own free will, it was to be a bit expected. With that said, it was still pretty depressing. Combine that with feedback from one reviewer that completely contradicting everything else I was hearing, and the process became fairly depressing.

Over the course of the next three months or so (bringing us to November of 2014), additional reviewers took a look at my book and gave me their feedback. One of those individuals was Kat Argo of A Red Rover. She provided me wonderful feedback on the book, which would have been fantastic on its own. That said, when she said she enjoyed the book enough that she’d make her publisher aware of the book and see what they thought, I was ecstatic.

A couple of months later and here we are. I have great news. My book is going to be published by an actual publisher.

Visual approximation of my reaction when I got the email back letting me know the publisher was interested. Image credit:

I don’t have a ton of information to share at this point. More of that will be coming over the next few months. Here’s what I’m comfortable telling at this point.

  • Said book is going to be published in either late 2015 or early 2016. As soon as I know more about dates, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.
  • My book is currently in the hands of an editor with the publisher, so I wait a bit more at the moment…but with good reason.
  • The book is a collection of short stories and short stories series including the two that I mentioned above.
  • There will be 10 short stories in the book, 5 of which are completely new across the board. 4 of the remaining stories were published in part on my old site, but have been pretty heavily edited from their original versions as I worked to improve them. The tenth story, Soma, is (currently) nearly identical to its original form due to the near universal love for that story.
  • When I was originally considering self-publishing, there were two people who won free copies of the book via various methods. This will still be the case even though it’s being published by someone other than me (I’ll even pay for the books myself if I have to).

That’s all the more I have at the moment. I do want to give a thank you to the following people for all their help at various points in the process.

  • Erin V. from Coma Diary, Samantha from Jill of All Trades, Kat from A Red Rover, Stephanie of Music School Dropout, Erin M., Anna, Mike, and my fiancee for all their feedback and assistance at various points in the editing process. I’d also like to thank another editor who shall remain unnamed for showing me that not all feedback should be taken seriously.
  • Thank you again to Kat for giving me the opportunity to work with a real publisher.
  • Erin M. and Samantha are owed an additional thank you for their assistance in rewriting parts of my book (particularly dialogue).
  • As mentioned above, thanks again to Amanda of Musical Poem, Jen of The Things I Learned From, and Tim for their (likely unintentional) inspiration towards me actually writing a book, as well as Erin M.’s very intentional motivating me to do so.
  • There were a few people instrumental in planting ideas in my head that later became stories in this book. To which I’d like to thank Erin M., Krista, Karolina, and my fiancee. I’m sure there are a handful of people who gave me ideas for lines/characters, however I’ll thank them in the book itself.
  • Finally, a quick thank you to everyone else who has been reading my blog, whether that be for 4 days or 4 years. Your support, commentary, and visiting has helped keep my motivation going.

So…woo! Yes. I used an exclamation point non-sarcastically((Really.)).

24 thoughts on “Book Update”

  1. Non-sarcastic exclamation points??? First time for everything, I guess… 😉

    No seriously, though, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU. That had to be the best day of your life. You’ll have to tell your fiancee that it’s your wedding day, after that happens and stuff, but we will all know deep down that it was really the day you got your first book accepted by a publisher. And that’s okay.

    I might be projecting a little. Don’t tell Tyler. 😉

    I will be purchasing at least one copy of this book, and probably convincing everyone I know to do the same. I will bring it with me to bars and show it to drunk people and make them order it on their phones.

    1. I would never have guessed you were projecting at all. I have no idea what you mean. 😛

      Seriously though, thank you for all of your support and help through the process. Your editing feedback was invaluable, as was your input on the tone/language used in certain stories.

  2. Okay, I have not been keeping up to date with you but holy shit this is awesome news! A real, real book!! I’m in awe of you and also very happy and can’t wait to one day (hopefully) hold the finished product in my hands.

    Also, completely unrelated but is there a reason why I don’t get any emails about your new posts anymore? Is that because of the bloglivin desaster? I just noticed it recently.

    1. Thank you very much. As soon as I know more about the timeline of the finished product, I’ll be sure to let you (and everyone else) know.

      Actually the email post error came about as a result of a separate issue with my site that occurred a couple of weeks ago. Apparently all of the email addresses that had previously been receiving my blog are no longer set to do so and I have no way to recover that data. Is the subscribe by email box showing up for you? All you’d have to do is resubscribe to start getting them again.

  3. First off, that GIF is one of the best ones I have ever seen.

    Secondly, YAY!!! You’ll definitely have to let me know when it’s published, because I will totally be purchasing a copy to put on my ‘authors I “know”‘ shelf.


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