1. Non-sarcastic exclamation points??? First time for everything, I guess… 😉

    No seriously, though, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU. That had to be the best day of your life. You’ll have to tell your fiancee that it’s your wedding day, after that happens and stuff, but we will all know deep down that it was really the day you got your first book accepted by a publisher. And that’s okay.

    I might be projecting a little. Don’t tell Tyler. 😉

    I will be purchasing at least one copy of this book, and probably convincing everyone I know to do the same. I will bring it with me to bars and show it to drunk people and make them order it on their phones.

    • I would never have guessed you were projecting at all. I have no idea what you mean. 😛

      Seriously though, thank you for all of your support and help through the process. Your editing feedback was invaluable, as was your input on the tone/language used in certain stories.

  2. Okay, I have not been keeping up to date with you but holy shit this is awesome news! A real, real book!! I’m in awe of you and also very happy and can’t wait to one day (hopefully) hold the finished product in my hands.

    Also, completely unrelated but is there a reason why I don’t get any emails about your new posts anymore? Is that because of the bloglivin desaster? I just noticed it recently.

    • Thank you very much. As soon as I know more about the timeline of the finished product, I’ll be sure to let you (and everyone else) know.

      Actually the email post error came about as a result of a separate issue with my site that occurred a couple of weeks ago. Apparently all of the email addresses that had previously been receiving my blog are no longer set to do so and I have no way to recover that data. Is the subscribe by email box showing up for you? All you’d have to do is resubscribe to start getting them again.

  3. First off, that GIF is one of the best ones I have ever seen.

    Secondly, YAY!!! You’ll definitely have to let me know when it’s published, because I will totally be purchasing a copy to put on my ‘authors I “know”‘ shelf.


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