• I don’t know that mine was a matter of attempting to be clever so much as it was thinking I could do something I obviously couldn’t. That said, I’m glad to know it’s not just me who has done it.

  1. I haven’t managed to crash my blog like you did but I have tried troubleshooting and feelinng like an incompetent fool for not understand what to do/where to go and what the hell do you mean by directory and file and so an?! Yeah. Also, my theme with the sidebar and disqus don’t go well together so every once in a blue moon I have to try and remmeber how to change it back to it working.
    And I’ve given up on child themes and my ideal of writing my own theme. I just don’t have to time/ressources/knowledge for it and that’s okay. It’s okay to aknowledge you rown defeat. I’s sorry you had to do so much troubleshooting and here’s to hoping it gets better in the future.

    • I typically feel like I know what I’m doing pretty well when it comes to computers, but this just hurts my head. There’s a reason I didn’t go into computer science as a major, and I’m pretty sure this is why.

    • Looking back on it, I feel like I know how not to do what caused the problem in the first place. My hosting company was a great help along the way as well. As long as you do your initial installation of WordPress correctly, the situation I ran into would never happen to you.

  2. I have no clue what most of this post was saying. Until we got to about 9:23 pm and then I was completely on board. I also crashed my blog once, because I tried to do something in PHP that 1) I didn’t know how to do, and b) wasn’t a PHP issue. Sorry you had such a tough time, but it looks good now =) And yay for getting your search where you want it!

  3. Laidig's Broadway

    You have a lot more patience than I would in that situation. The last time I was suffering from mild rage where things wouldn’t do as it was told was formatting a file. Up until page 35/60, fine. Page 36, not fine and wouldn’t behave. Was seconds off of throwing the computer across the room.

    Also, fun fact: in Scotland, we say shoot/kit and caboodle. I might have had to reread the entry because my brain spent most of the first read giggling over the word “caboodle” 🙂

  4. Fortunately I haven’t had any major problems with the server/back end blog stuff since then. Granted, my blog theme crashed out and caused me to need to find a new one, but that’s another matter entirely.

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