1. I loved Google Reader. Still morning. Bloglovin’ is…okay. Except for the fact that I can’t find your blog, which I read pretty regularly (obviously, since I am forever commenting it feels like). I should try Feedly…but I’m just so tired of this issue! So much energy in starting over. Like I said, still mourning.

    • Sad part is that I wrote the original version of this post in September of last year and just never got around to publishing it. Here we are in March and I had to change almost nothing in this post. My blog still can’t be found on Bloglovin’, and I sincerely doubt they’ll ever care to change that.

  2. At first thoughts I thought you meant that finding a good blog reader as in, a person. I’ve heard about feedburner or something but I don’t know. I use feedly purely because I can group all the big magazine style blogs together and skim them before marking ones I don’t care about as read 🙂

  3. I actually don’t use any blogreader type thingy. I subspribe to blogs via email and get them sent to one of my many email addresses where most of them sit and gather dust until I bother to check them again. It’s probably not the most efficient way but one that works for me because I don’t care for the readers (not the people reading my blog, mind you).
    As for sharing my own blog, I use feedburner. It’s no the best and I had some troubleshooting to do when I first set it up but it works now and I don’t want to make it not work.

    • I considered using Feedburner for sharing my blog, but I ended up going with IFTTT just for the sake that I’ve begun using that for other reasons as well. Having everything in one place just simplifies things.

  4. Laidig's Broadway

    I think I just had to scroll through at least 50 entries from the last week or so, and every time I clicked on one of your posts, it crashed the reader and reset the damn thing. I’m not saying I’m blaming you, I just wish WP had a better system. Even something like ‘posts from the last week, two weeks ago’ would be enough.

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