1. Eh, I lean toward the happiness is a choice option. But, I think your last paragraph illustrates why. I have family members that when things go wrong, it is personal and literally someone is out to get them and there is no planning or preparing- just the fault of others. You may not view it as choosing happiness, but you are choosing to be active and that can amount to the same thing.

    • I do think that preparation is completely a choice. That said, just because you’re choosing to prepare for the worst and the best does not dictate whether or not you’re going to be happy by itself. I do feel that the choice to prepare for bad things to happen does make you happier, but it does so without forcing you to be happy.

  2. I can see both sides of this. I used to be a very easily stressed, irritable person. At one point, I just told myself that I was going to be more positive. Over the next couple of years (it took awhile), I pushed myself to see the best in bad situations and it’s resulted in an overall happier me.

    I’m not sure that I “chose to be happy” but I definitely made a choice on how I reacted to events and that led to a happier outlook. I do think preparation is important and “preparing for the worst” can definitely lessen the blow if things do go to shit… but you have to make sure that PREPARING for the worst is different than EXPECTING the worst. I have friends who literally just expect everything to be awful and that ends up resulting in a lot of unhappiness. I’m by nature a pessimist, but I’m happier when I at least try to view events in a positive light.

    (I may have been talking in circles there, idk. I napped recently so I don’t think I’m fully awake)

    • It makes a lot of sense, so don’t worry about the tired. You bring up the difference between preparing for the worst and expecting the worst, and that’s really a key point to my argument that I didn’t do the best at making. To be a cynic and expect the worst is an incredibly harmful mentality to have. That said, to not be prepared because you think everything is going to go well is foolish in its own right.

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