1. I’ve found a couple of male bloggers recently, but you’re right, the majority of us are female. I’m certainly not about to have children though, ugh. I’ve distanced myself from lots of friends in real life, because they had children and stopped being anything more than a ‘parent’ and it was really sad.

    Sadly, too, I think that in the blogging world, longevity means very little; it’s numbers and photos and shares and everything else; and there is so much repetition. If I have to read another post about clothes I will cry and claw my eyes out. Or cutesy crafts that I really couldn’t care less about.

    I wish I had answers, but you do write well, and I think you’re super Tim; I really do.

    These are two male bloggers I’ve found recently that you might like, or you might not –
    thatgentmark.com; isayoldchap.co.uk

    • I’ll definitely check those other blogs you shared out. I don’t know that a significant portion of female bloggers are mommy bloggers (I’m legitimately wondering the percentages on that), however I do think they’re typically a more visible blogger for whatever reason.

      It does disappointment — quite a bit actually — that longevity does not seem to make for an increase in readership by itself. I do have the loyal readers that stick around and comment on most of my posts (there’s 8-12 of you who comment, and about that many that I know of who don’t comment). With that said, it’s not as though someone randomly hitting my blog on Google is sticking around long term. I haven’t had that happen even once ever.

  2. Pretty sure you are the only male blogger I read…like ever. I have wondered about this divide myself.

    Totally agree about the kids thing. I think there are a few factors- for one, mommy-blogs are where the numbers and therefore money are. It’s by far probably one of the most relate-able (and more importantly, debate-able) areas to write about. Also, especially for women-who as you said do make up the majority of the blogging world- there is SO MUCH debate and guilt and talk about how we should parent and basically make children our entire world (and specifically through biologically child-bearing, but that’s another rant). Turning into one of those people who is ONLY a parent and loosing all sense of my own personality is one of my biggest fears about the future, & it’s hard to talk about because so many people believe that’s how it SHOULD be.

    Totally agree with Erin- it’s really not about longevity at all. It’s about blogging the *right* way and about the *right* topics, which makes it all look the same. Eventually, all the hype around blogging overall is going to go down and most of the people who are on top now with very formulaic blogs will die out. It will be interesting to see who is left at that point.

    • There’s only one other male blogger I regularly read. With that said, it’s a friend from college who writes about a hockey team he covers, so it’s not my normal blog fare. I get that there’s a lot of money and page views in writing parenting blogs, but I don’t see the appeal in it personally. Perhaps that will change when I’m a parent myself, but not at this point.

  3. Laidig's Broadway

    Weirdly enough, one of the things I’m continuously trying to do is find more male bloggers, and that’s only because the question of “I wonder how many” randomly popped into my head one day.

    Pretty sure it’s under five. Possibly under four. Or bang on it. I think it’s four…

      • Laidig's Broadway

        One of four, baby, one of four. Now you can conquer the world…or something. If it makes you feel any more special, you were also the first.

        • That’ll do it. Definitely feel special now. Happy to see you around here. You were fortunate to miss blog disaster 1 and 2 (I think you missed both, that is).

          • Laidig's Broadway

            I just checked. There’s definitely more than four. Ok, you’re one of four worth remembering, how about that?

            For all you know, I observed from afar, I just didn’t tell you. (I probably missed it, damnit).

  4. I don’t follow a lot of the same bloggers I did as recently as 2-3 years ago. Some of them are still active, and a few of them are even putting out regular content. But for various reasons, I just haven’t followed the same people. It’s a natural cycle, be that when considering blogging or friendships, I think.

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