Best Of The Week Posts (Intro)

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, over the past couple of months I’ve been posting blog posts that I feel are exceptionally well-written, or worth sharing for content related reasons. This weekly feature has been hashtagged #BestOfTheWeek, and is intended to help generate traffic to blog posts (and, by extension, bloggers) who deserve it.

Now that I’ve been posting these recommendations for a while, I’ve recommended a lot of posts. Going forward, I’ll be sharing my best of the week posts here every Sunday, as well as on Twitter. That said, I’ve got tons of posts I need to share here to get me caught up. I’ve tried to categorize them the best I could, however some posts may fall into multiple categories.


Aesthetics Are Important by Erin Veness

Tempered Dreams by Erin Veness

Sketchbook #2 by Erin Veness

Wine, Art, and Statistics by Lorraine

Be Yourself (NO) by Erin Veness


You Might Be An Annoying Customer If… by Cherie Jamison

The Art of the Conversation Starter by Krystal

Is Being a High-Earning Career Woman Killing Your Marriage? by Tabitha Wells

Why I Resigned by Jun


Should I Attend A Local University by Kara Beth

Ontario’s New Sex Ed Curriculum by Tabitha Wells

Are You Going Back To School? by Brittany of Pines and Palmettos

Film and Television

Review of The Emperor’s New Groove by Willie Sun

On Flawed {Annoying} Heroes by Risha Nandagiri

Resting Bitch Face + Live TV by Bree

My Farewell to Jon Stewart by Jill of All Trades


Smooth(ie) Operator by Sacha Chiniara

Triple Berry Muffins by Kate Gone Coastal

Going Gourmet by Kate Gone Coastal

DIY Orange Kiwi Popsicles by Nicola M

Candies That Followed Me Through Childhood by Jun

Health/Social Issues

Not Thinking by Erin Veness

Gotta Eat To Live by Sarah

Oh Captain, My Captain by Kate Gone Coastal

#ViolenceIsViolence by Saphfyre

How To Be Kind To Yourself by Sarah

Reasons To Keep Going by Sarah

What Happened To Your Face? Did You Have A Stroke Or Something? by Nicola M

What’s Wrong With Telling Women How To Prevent Getting Raped? by Jill of all Trades

The Game of Comparison by Erin Veness

50 Shades of Nope by House of Hale

Why We Need to Stop Circumcising Our Children by Jill of all Trades


Products That Made Me Nope So Hard by Sacha Chiniara

The Old Internet Was Terrible by Ed Irkitated

Be My Person by Sacha Chiniara

You Should Wash Your Car, You Stupid Bitch by Jas Sams

5 Stages of Social Media Use by Agent Q

My Opinion of the Basic Sex Positions by Jill of All Trades

Mars One is a One-Way Suicide Mission by Ed Irkitated

Nudity Required for this Shit Part in my Shit Film by Jas Sams


Talking by Lauren

What It’s Like Being Biracial by Amanda Osborn

Vacation Days vs Salary by Amanda Osborn

How To Get A Job At A NGO by Flynn

About Me In Threes by Kate Gone Coastal

On Self-Perception by Willie Sun

I’m Currently Hungover and a Little Bit Melancholy by Lauren

What Does Job Satisfaction Really Mean? by Jun

Til Now I’m Doing Great, Doing Well is Pretty Vague by Amanda

This Post Has No Pictures by Super Saiyan M

Things You Learn When You Buy (and Renovate) a House by Kate Gone Coastal


I Want Someone by Willie Sun

When Viewpoints Collide by Agent Q

Why I Took My Husband’s Last Name by Brittany of Pines and Palmettos

Casual Sex Not Just For The Single by Twenty-Ish

Online Dating My Way To Oblivion by Christa Lei

What The Heck Is A Professional Bridesmaid by Jen Glantz

You’ve Gotta (un)friend by Emmy Potter

Thinking Out Loud: Down the Rabbit Hole of Intimacy by Tish Haridass

Feminists Can Be Sexually Submissive (But 50 Shades is Still Awful) by Jill of All Trades

Tips for a DIY Budget by Brittany of Pines and Palmettos


The Death of the iPod by Amanda of Static Image

Efficient Preparation by Agent Q

Well This Isn’t Fun: Frontman Nate Ruess Goes Solo by Stephanie


Jean Valjean Was a Criminal by Kat Argo

Protests, Tear Gas, and Uncertainty About Hong Kong’s Democratic Future by Amanda Osborn

Ebola Changing The West African Culture by Kat Argo

To Infinity and Beyond… by Dan 2.0

The Worsening Ukrainian Civil War by Kat Argo

Rafael Lusvarghi: The Viking of Donbas by Kat Argo

Arming Ukraine, and the Naivete of Soviet Tactics by Kat Argo


Silence by Brittany of Pines and Palmettos

Intimate Strangers by Samantha I. E.

Age Is Just A Number Yo! by Nicola M

What Being A Teacher Taught Me by Agent Q

A Response To Women Against Feminism by Tabitha Wells

Morality – A Human Invention by Agent Q


Robby Glantz Brings Power Skating Techniques to Central Texas by Sean Shapiro

What Is This, I Don’t Even by Wrestling Out Of Context


The Great Social Media Story by Casey Palmer

How To Avoid Poor Navigation on Websites and Blogs by Holly Pryce

Why I Deleted Facebook by Jill of All Trades

XBox, Playstation, or Nintendo by Tabby G


My Travel Wishlist by Amanda Osborn

Kaifeng, China – Part 2 by Kristina

Kaifeng, China – Part 3 by Kristina

The Accidental Bridesmaid by Cherie Jamison

Walking The Night Away, Singapore by Kattrinna


Marketing Tools for any Self-Published Book by Paul Jarvis

AdSense Alternatives For Small Blogs by Jill of all Trades

What I’m Reading (July) by Holly Pryce

Blogging Is My Hobby, It Isn’t My Job by Amanda Osborn

Writing Diversity in Fiction by Eve Jacob

Writing Good Bad Guys by Eve Jacob

My Writing Process by Amanda Osborn

It’s My Blog…and I’ll Write What I Want To by Tabby G

No Books Were Harmed. Or Read. by Laidig

How I Failed at Being Jack Kerouac and Became a Journalist by Kat Argo

Book Cover Designs, Necessary? by Janna Kaixer

Best Of The Week Posts (Intro)

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18 thoughts on “Best Of The Week Posts (Intro)

    1. I feel like there’s a few of your posts that I’ve shared before that I missed in this roundup. You still won politics by a landslide though.

  1. WOW. Thank you, seriously, for your support and readership. It’s good to know that people enjoy what I have to say. 🙂

    1. Happy to share your work. I do always enjoy reading your posts, even though I don’t get to read blogs quite as much as I used to.

  2. Damn you… I have way too many tabs open now. Guess I better start reading…

    PS. Really glad you’re doing this on the blog now.

    PPS. Thank you so much for including me in the list. It’s good to be in there with such amazing bloggers.

    1. My first and foremost life goal is always to slow other people’s browsers down to the point where I’m the most efficient worker. It seems I’m successful.

      I’ll likely still announce the four blogs I pick each week on Twitter, but then post them all here after the fact in a roundup-style post. My hope is that people will send blogs my way to be considered for this. There’s great blogs out there, however I rarely have time to read outside of those people I follow regularly.

  3. It is an honor to be mentioned multiple times along with other noteworthy bloggers. I must get back in [blogging] shape so that I can keep on contributing. 😀

  4. Thank you! I appreciate the honor of being listed here. I was also wondering why that post was getting so much traffic again. lol. 🙂

    1. Of course. You wrote a great post, so it’s worth sharing again. I just wasn’t sure as to how to attribute to you. Hopefully what I’ve put on there is fine.

  5. Thanks Tim!!! I feel honoured that I made it on this list more than once. It would also explain the new spike in spam comments attacking my Women Against Feminism post 😉 Lol. But seriously, thank you 🙂 You are awesome.

    1. Wait, seriously? I mean, I get that people are dicks about equality, but that’s dumb.

      Also, I can’t get the link to your feminism post to load. Did I copy the wrong link?

        1. Odd. Considering I didn’t post this up until Sunday afternoon, I feel like this post couldn’t have been the only source. Either way, the link is fixed.

          1. I was more joking about you being the cause of it 😛 Although there has been a spike since you posted it, I think it’s likely more a coincidence that the spams sky-rocketed again on that post. My theory is someone from that group is spamming out the link – it’s the only post that gets spam comments, and in absolute ridiculous numbers.

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