1. I admit I’m the type of person who dives in and tackles all the simple-solution tasks first, and then steps back to see what’s left…at which point I do what you do with the hard tasks, start from the bottom up and set a pragmatic plan of action. I’m actually trying to get better at this. The OCD is a significant burden when it comes to task and priority management because it is SO easy to get overwhelmed, but I’m really improving even with it. Breathing exercises help, even in relatively minor situations like “I have 4 tables, and should probably get the newest one’s order in the computer and the oldest one’s check out before getting that other one to-go boxes, because priorities, even though to-go boxes are easy.”

    • I’m not the best at dealing with stress. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way from where I once was when it comes to stress, however I know there’s still a lot I struggle with. I feel like if I can get through the chaos of the next few months, things will calm down a bit for me. With that said, I’m very reliant on looking at things from a large-scale perspective, whereas the majority of people I interact with think the complete opposite way. I think that contribute to my stress more than it should.

  2. First — you can get free houses? What is this shit? I want a free house.

    Second — I had posted this quite some time ago on my old blog, however I felt it was an appropriate time to share it here thanks to some things I was going through myself. It has always bothered me when people look for the quick fix rather than the long term solution to something.

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