• It was a great book. Not quite my favorite dystopian novel ever, but it’s in the top three with “Feed” by M.T. Anderson and “1984” by George Orwell.

      • I read Brave New World for my senior year English class in high school and it’s probably my favorite book that I was ever forced to read. I’d like to read it again now that I’m an adult to see if my opinions change or if I get something new out of it.

        I’ve never read 1984 or anything by George Orwell actually but I feel like I need to change that soon.

        • 1984 is a great read. I had to read it in my senior year English class and have reread it 5-7 times since then. It’s not so much that I get something new out of it every time (though that does happen here and there), it’s that the book seems more and more realistic with each passing year.

  1. I thought it was a pretty fun post to write. I’m sure there’s more people want to know about me, but I just stuck with the post format.

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