1. I think silence is a great thing, especially in today’s world. I told my husband that one of the things I was most looking forward to on vacation the type of silence where I actually didn’t have to think- to just lie there on a beach or a ship and not have to do or decide anything, or be anywhere. There were no phones, no Internet, nothing to constantly check. It was awesome. It wasn’t a quiet environment, but the lack of necessary action/decisions made it quiet in my mind.

  2. Laidig's Broadway

    Because I live in the country, silence is subjective here. If it’s silence purely in terms of noise, nada. When people stop talking, you tune into the birds – oh my God the birds – or the nomadic cat announcing his entrance to our vacinity. If it’s silence in terms of thinking space, possibly lots depending on the person. While I’m used to it, it disturbs the hell out of a friend of mine when he’s here (and the darkness, too, since there are no street lights).

    The second-last time I experienced mental silence for any length of time was during three weeks in Thailand, and it was bliss. My brain rarely shuts off, but the pre-cursor to that particular trip was that weird slice of time between school ending and university beginning. No deadlines, no exams, no work over the summer. In the end, I had to keep a daily diary because without it, I would have no memory of what happened. It’s still a blur, that’s how fried my head was. The most recent time was last summer in France, although my mental silence was occasionally interrupted by the ducks across the valley (we were in the fois gras region) – bit of a mood killer.

    • While I live in the city now, I grew up in the country and spent my first 21 years or so living there. Birds are devilish creatures that I wish would just be quiet. I do miss having a cat around though. Having a cat was wonderful for my stress levels.

      • Laidig's Broadway

        They are so loud! Although they were omitted by the sound of the five fox cubs we had one year. We’d put food out for them to help them along, and there was this one troublemaker always going after the same sibling, meaning the fight usually ended up in the food bowl (they were so small at the time, they had to stand on their back legs to get into it). Always left with gravy on their ears.

        See, I often wonder if that’s true, because I’ve somehow wound up with stress-inducing ones. The dangers of smart animals…

        • Cats are pretty much the best animal ever. Even though mind did cause me a bit of stress from time to time, just being able to sit and pet him was really relaxing.

  3. Silence can be a good thing especially when you need it or want it. I think too much, and too often we are glued to the world via the web and whatnot that we forget to take a moment for ourselves. That’s what the silence can do. It can ease and clear our heads. I too, have lived in silence but I find it refreshing. It can be a nice pace from all the technology and the busiest of the world. I just want to go back to my dad’s country and live simply. It was nice to live differently and have that experience of silence and not be connected to anything. I treasure that moment and feeling, plus I got to go to the beach! ^^ That’s even better~!

    • I think for me the technology is less of an issue than the overwhelming amount of emphasis that technology has in my job. I love using technology and I love working with it on a regular basis. With that said, it’s a very different feeling when it comes to working on technology for fun and working on it for work. One helps me relax my mind, while the other just drains me.

  4. My wife is very much the same way. There are very few times where I’ve come home to a completely silent house (unless she’s fallen asleep for a nap, that is). I can deal with the ambient noise in small doses, but it’s very tiring after a while. I’ve been known to stay up late just to get the quiet to unwind my mind. Hell, I even play most video games with the sound off for the same reason.

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