1. I think another good one to remind people is that you’re not always going to get active commenters. Between the different venues I share my blog (Twitter, Facebook, formerly 20SB), I found out I had well over 200 people reading my blog avidly. But out of them, only a handful actually comment. It’s not necessarily that your work isn’t engaging enough, but rather that with social media, there are a lot more observers than there are participants.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had close to 200 consistent readers on any of my blogs. I don’t use Facebook by choice, and I recognize that not doing so cuts into a potential reader stream. With that said, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever topped 30 readers at a time — independent of commenters. There are definitely times I feel like I’m writing to an empty room.

      • I often feel like that too – especially when my regular commenters aren’t there.

        I’m honestly not sure how many follow it that closely anymore. With my last blog, I cared who was following – now I’ve found, I write my blog because it’s things I’m passionate about and want to write about. Whether people are reading it or not doesn’t seem to be as big a deal to me anymore.

        • I want people to read my blog, if for no other reason than I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers. Of course, when the book does come out I’ll have a bit of a selfish reason for people wanting to read, as the blog will be a good way to advertise my book.

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