Bloggers Love Comments Like…

Note: The following post is a guest post written by Brittany of Pines and Palmettos.

A few weeks ago someone on 20sb asked what mattered most: comments, shares, or pageviews? I ran the (very small & easy to work with) numbers and roughly 69% of responses said comments. A few of those may have tied between comments and shares, but at least 69% mentioned comments as rewarding.

That’s a pretty large majority. Granted, the answers may have been different with a different sample group (psych degree here- I love my research) but I think that says a lot about how bloggers feel regarding comments.

I answered comments 100%, so maybe I’m a little biased. But for me, blogging has come to be a great way to connect with other people. Writing keeps me sane, and helps me process how I feel about things. But there’s nothing like someone else going “Oh, I thought I was the only one!” or “Hey, that sounds like _____, you should check it out!” So I decided to put together a little list about how much bloggers love comments.

Bloggers love comments like:

…emo kids love skinny jeans.

…The Doctor loves his sonic screwdriver.

…Blake Shelton loves alcohol.

…zombies love brains.

…the Winchester brothers love salt & iron.

…Twitter users love hashtags.

…like Freud loves his mother.

…like rednecks love their trucks.

…like WASPs love their pearls.

…like gamers love their XBoxes (or Playstations, I know it’s a debate).

You get the idea. We love comments y’all. Even when I am having trouble finding my own blogging inspiration, I try to keep up with other bloggers and interact with them through comments. This keeps up a relationship and makes them more likely to visit when I am finally back on the writing wagon- it’s a great cycle that leads to us all creating and taking in fresh content.

I don’t mean to flood people with annoying and meaningless comments. Please, no “great blog!” or “Check out my site!” That shit is lame and insincere, and no one likes it. But if you read something, and it strikes a chord with you, let that person know. It’s part of what keeps the blogging world alive.

Brittany is a 20-something blogger who lives in North Carolina. She reads, watches, and analyzes a lot of stuff like Christian faith, nerd culture, and other randomness. Then she writes about it at Pines & Palmettos, because like lots of introverts she enjoys the Internet.

Bloggers Love Comments Like…

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One thought on “Bloggers Love Comments Like…

  1. I’m not the best about commenting at times. I do regularly read the blogs I follow, however I’ll comment infrequently, especially when I’m busy. I should be better about it, but I haven’t been recently.

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