Is Shiny

You might have noticed an uptick in guest posts and a severe delay in me getting back to comments over the past two weeks. That’s because this happened.


I’m married now. Even though I took a picture of my own hand at 1145pm on my wedding night (poorly at that), it was still an exciting day. I’m not going to put up many pictures of the wedding right now, though I may do so in the future. Likewise, I may talk a bit about the honeymoon in the coming weeks, however I’ll save that for a later post.

As for now, I’m just overjoyed to be married. Nearly everything went perfectly (if not amazingly). The rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception were all great. A minorly exciting moment came when my wife and I got Amiibos for the Super Smash Bros characters we always play as (King Dedede for her, Lucina for me). They were an enjoyable addition to our rehearsal cakes…which were ice cream cake. Because fuck yeah ice cream cake.


I may share some more details in the coming weeks (we’ll see), as it is an incredibly exciting event that allowed me to be with a wonderful woman as my wife. But for now though, I try to get back into the swing of things life wise. Considering I just got back from my honeymoon, dealt with the wedding itself, and am now back to work for the first time since the first week of June, it may take me a couple of days before I can get to writing about things. There’ll be some older reposted posts (from the old blog) go up until then. I promise a bit more info soon though.

Is Shiny

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12 thoughts on “Is Shiny

  1. Congrats on being married! Here’s wishing both you and the wife a blissful marriage 🙂 Btw, I play Super Smash Bros too and Lucina’s my character of choice as well. Haha. Still waiting for her Amiibo to arrive though. If you fancy, DM me your friend code and we could play together maybe?

    1. Thank you very much. It was a very exciting day (of course leading to an even more exciting present and future).

      Lucina is definitely my favorite character to play as in this iteration of Smash Bros, though I do have some alternates I like to play as. In particular, I’ll play as Palutena or Jigglypuff on some larger maps that require more mobility, or I’ll be Lucario (or Lucina) if I’m playing on a team where my job is just to take and deal as much damage as possible.

      1. You’re most definitely welcome! 🙂

        I’m very particularly picky about the character roster for SSB and Lucina just wowed me for some reason (she was the first hidden character I unlocked when I got my hands on the game just last month). Before unlocking her though, I was using Marth and he’s impressive too no doubt about it. I’m basically Team Fire Emblem when it comes to SSB. Haha. On a side note, I’m excited for the new Fire Emblem game that’s coming out on the 3DS next year and you can bet I’m gonna get it! 😀

        1. I finally got my hands on Fire Emblem: Awakening a few weeks ago and it’s an amazing game. The combination of a turn-based strategy game and a visual novel-like storyline is right up my alley. I knew there was a new game coming next year, though I hadn’t read much about it until recently. It seems interesting, yet also like a money grab since the game’s story is being split into two entirely different cartridges.

          1. Damn, I’m jealous! But yeah, a lot of great things have been said about Awakening 🙂 There’s actually a third story version in the new game and Japan has a DLC version where all three storylines are available. No news at the moment if that’s gonna be released outside of Japan though! It’s gonna be hard to choose whether to go for Hoshido or Nohr but on the bright side, there’s gonna be Amiibo support for the game so your Lucina comes in handy!

          2. I feel like I’m going to get the Hoshido storyline, but I’m sure I’ll decide closer to time. I’m a bit sad they didn’t choose a different Fire Emblem character to put in Smash Bros. Lucina really isn’t as entertaining in Awakening as some of the other children characters (Noire and Owain come to mind), never mind the adults (particularly Chrom, Gaius, and Tharja).

    1. It honestly doesn’t feel that different. Prior to the wedding, there were a lot of people who said being married would make things feel completely different, but thus far, that’s not the case at all.

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