1. As someone who can’t swim, I did have some moderate fears of our boat capsizing. That said, most of those went away pretty quickly once we got moving on the ship.

  2. I want photos and good description of straw man, he sounds pretty awesome and deserves a tip (I cannot believe I said that as a Brit, we only tip if the service is amazing). I don’t know how you managed to hang out on a boat for that long, I mean, ahhhh. Also, beautiful pictures, seriously 🙂

    • I’m sad to report that no photographs were taken of straw man. With that said, the wife did write a guest post about straw man, which will be coming to this blog in the near future.

      There’s a lot of differences between Americans and Brits I don’t get. More often than not, I side with Brits because Americans are assholes. But I’ve never understood why Brits don’t tip. In the USA, tipping is how many employees make a living wage. It take a waiter/waitress being a total moron for me to tip less than 20%.

      • We do tip, but we also have the minimum wage, which is supposed to be the living wage, so waiters don’t NEED tips.

        Saying that.
        My first job at the age of 15 was working in a cafe, I did get tips but the management used to swipe those and they went straight in to the till.
        I then went to work for another cafe, where I was paid £5 an hour (this was over minimum wage), I used to get tipped by old ladies and double my pay.
        It depends where you are, independent cafes/restaurants I will tip, but the service has to be exceptional. But any chain store, such as Starbucks or so on, I never tip.
        When I used to work in pubs we didn’t so much get tips, if someone offered to buy me a drink then it was the unspoken rule that you’d say “I’ll take a pound”, or take the drink, but I’d never take the money for a drink as a tip. For instance, recently I’ve had builders at the flat, they got no tip whatsoever, but they also drank me out of tea.
        I have never tipped in cities either, but that’s because I’m prone to receiving TERRIBLE service; I attract wankers; and locally, the people in the bars/local shops are friends… who give me free drinks for doing things for them.

  3. Kate

    We took an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon as well, and I have to say I agree with everything you’ve listed. Especially the price gouging. I made the mistake of trying to buy Aleve from the on-board commissary and they wanted me to sign away my first two children as a down payment.

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