1. Yep, but especially 2-4. It’s sad, but from years of working with/around kids (baby-sitting, Sunday school, pediatrician’s office) I can officially say- the more “protective” a parent is, the less likely to grow into a functioning human the child is. A great quote I hope I am able to remember when I become a parent is

    “Give your kids enough money to do something, but not enough to do nothing.” It says money specifically, but it really applies to life in general. Support, love, & attention may sound like things you can’t overload on someone- but too much “taking care of things” leads to a huge lack of self-sufficiency & independence. But hey, maybe those just aren’t things of value anymore & I’m old-fashioned.

    • I feel like number 1 has a greater importance than I realized when I first wrote this document. If nothing else, taking care of a pet forces a couple to have a raised level of communication. While it’s not quite the same level as would be needed with a kid, it is a step in that direction. If taking care of a pet together is a struggle, perhaps a kid isn’t the best option.

  2. Laidig's Broadway

    Ah, but see, you’re applying logic. Just a shame that it’s something in limited supply.

    I’ve always found #4 a really weird one. At the very least, limit your privacy settings when your kids are involved. It’s one thing strangers taking your photos of you, it’s a whole other ball game when they take your photos of your children. One person I know was (understandly) angry about baby pictures of their first born being found on what I would loosely describe as a “dodgy” group online, ranted about it, warned other people, oh how did this happen, and…didn’t change a damn thing. Gee, could it be the tirade of pictures plastered everywhere on a daily basis…

    • I’d like to think that even if logic is in short supply that I can help remind people how logic works. Because I do love me some logic.

  3. I love this, SO MUCH. Also I especially back up the pets one, because I will say as a parent to two cats that after seeing how exhausting it is just to take good care of THEM, I could absolutely never have a child of my own. I would suck at it. I learned this about myself.

    • Despite writing this very advice, I’ve learned that I’m actually better with kids than I am with animals. I have zero explanation for this and am completely baffled by it. My niece loves me to death, but animals are always meh (or worse) about me.

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