Honeymoon Pics Part 2: Emerald City Boogaloo

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a bit about what was part two of our honeymoon — a cruise to Alaska and Canada. Our cruise trip was bookended with roughly three days worth of visiting in Seattle (two before the cruise and one after), which allowed us to visit some interesting places.

On the night we landed, we decided to visit a speakeasy tavern called Needle and Thread. You have to make reservations in advance, as the space within the bar is very small. While the staff at Needle and Thread was very open to taking pictures, no flash photography was allowed, so the pictures that turned out clear were pretty limited. That said, you should be able to see what I’m talking about here.

Needle and Thread 1


This picture was taken from my seat at a table — one of only four in the entire bar. While their liquor selection was obviously impressive, Needle and Thread wasn’t exactly the most spacious place. That’s not their gig, though. They’re trying to create a quaint, cozy speakeasy atmosphere. They certainly succeeded in that regard. Needle and Thread also didn’t have a drink menu. Instead, one of the bartenders came over, asked me and my wife some questions about what we like in a drink, then came back with handmade custom cocktails. Mine (pictured below) was a twist on an old fashioned…and it was phenomenal.

Needle and Thread 2

Day two featured visits to the Pacific Science Center and Olympic Sculpture Park. While I didn’t take too many pictures on this day, there was one moment that stood out to me as being a seminal moment of the trip. We had just finished walking through Olympic Sculpture Park when we were greeted with this view.

Seattle Shoreline

Upon seeing this view, the following conversation occurred between my wife and I.

Wife: It’s so pretty.
Me: It is.
Wife: Now I’m sad.
Me: Why?
Wife: Because we live in Cleveland. There’s nothing like this there.

She’s right. There’s nothing like the Puget Sound in Cleveland. While I’ll leave my Cleveland bashing for another day((It’s too easy.)), the view of the ocean and the sereneness of Seattle was definitely a far cry from the industrial, bleak hues of the Midwest. I’ve wanted to live in Seattle since I was a child. All this trip did was reinforce that notion.

After our cruise returned, we had roughly 11 hours to kill until our late night flight took off to head home. We ended up spending about four hours((Frankly we could have spent more time downtown, had we known Frontier Airlines was going to give us the single worst check-in and flying experience I’ve ever had.)) walking around the stadium district. As a life-long Seahawks fan, getting to go on a tour of Century Link Field was an incredibly exciting part of the trip.

Century Link Field

Even though the field was laid out for soccer and not football, I was still overjoyed to be there. My wife told me that I looked like a little kid with how excited I was before the tour started. There’s no photographic evidence of this, which is probably for the best. That said, I did get to rather excitedly have a picture taken on the field. So there’s always that.


Honeymoon Pics Part 2: Emerald City Boogaloo

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2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Pics Part 2: Emerald City Boogaloo

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to a speakeasy type of bar. I’m jealous.

    Honestly, beautiful views like that one is one of the reasons I could never live someplace like Toronto. While most of our views in my hometown is farmland and hills, the setting can be gorgeous, and we’re not that far away from even more beautiful landscapes.

    1. As someone who grew up on farmland, I rarely think of farmland as beautiful landscapes. That said, there is one time every year — early fall — where it’s great to have all the colors of a farm around.

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