1. What motivates me to write is anything interesting that happens in my life. My life is pretty boring and repetitive. I do have two posts that I plan to post soon though. And a guest post pending approval. Though it’s been so long I’m guessing it does not have approval and I’ll end up posting it on my own blog.
    When I struggle with motivation I simply don’t write. Haha. I’m not the best example.

    • I really think that most of my motivation loss comes from times where I feel overly stressed or overworked. There is some level of stress inherent with my job, which can cause me more grief than it should. Regardless, that stress keeps me from writing more than I’d like to admit it does.

  2. I relate to this so, so much. I don’t know what it is, but lately I have just lacked both motivation and energy to write.

    It is also very disheartening that 20SB is gone. I’ll admit that I wasn’t as active on there as I would have liked, but it was nice knowing there was a whole community of people supporting each other as bloggers.

    Sigh. Well, here’s hoping we both pull out of this funk soon!

    • I really wish that more bloggers were active on Twitter. I try my best to interact with other bloggers on Twitter, though I admittedly could be doing a much better job. Currently I’m at the point where I have a few ideas to write about, but I’ve been far too tired to write about them. At least it’s not (completely) a lack of motivation now.

      • Jun mentioned Blog Matter, which seems like a potential option at this point. As I said, it used to be a very quiet group, however apparently that’s changed. I’ll be checking it out again later in the week.

        • Hmm, haven’t heard of that one. Most of the ones I’ve heard of are just too big actually make any connections, kwim? Or they rely a lot on FB and I am not interested in that.

          • Yeah I get it. I don’t use Facebook at all by choice, which does limit the amount of connecting I can do, especially when so many bloggers find Facebook to be their primary resource for sharing.

  3. I find I lack motivation a lot too. Mainly, I find that it comes down to the fact that I spend all day writing and working on articles that by time I come home, the last thing I want to do is write or look at a computer screen. I’m still trying to figure out a way around this.

    • I run into this quite a bit too. I’m on my computer nearly the entire day for work, with much of that time spent writing documentation for my employer. The last thing I want to do at night is write, especially if I’ve written a few thousand words of documentation throughout the day.

  4. I think my problem I’m running into more frequently is that I really want to write about the process of where I’m at in the publishing of my book. The problem is that I really don’t have anything else to give as an update. I will in the semi-near future, however it’s just not there yet. Therefore I don’t have a ton that I’m motivated to write about.

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