Honeymoon Recap Part 3: The Straw Man

Note: The following is a guest post from my wife about her most memorable moment from our recent honeymoon.

The husband’s post about the honeymoon tells you probably more than you need to know, but well before the post was written, I had told him that I wanted to tell you about straw guy. We’ll call him Ronald.

While I’m the only one who will love Ronald this much, hopefully you will at least appreciate him for me.

I hate crushed ice. It isn’t a “technical” sin, but it is a sin on its own. Pop with crushed ice and a straw, great. Pop with crushed ice and no straw, sin. You’re forced to eat the ice, which is not my desire while drinking. I want to drink my pop and not chew it.

Night 1 – given a straw
Night 2 – given a straw
Night 3 – I am nervous with no straw. Start to be more nervous because nobody seems to have a straw. Displeased.

Ronald refills water (the husband’s. It has crushed ice, so mine is full) and I ask politely for a straw. Time passes, no Ronald, no straw. Finally I see him, fuddling with drinks for the really picky/rude/entitled couple that husband mentioned, and I am losing hope. More time passes, and I am given a straw, as is husband. Husband didn’t want a straw because he likes to chew his drinks, but this meant I got to put the straw in my purse, just in case I were to be without one again tomorrow.

We leave dinner with me being very pleased, and loving Ronald.

At some point during the cruise we speak with the manager of our dining area, who doing her job asks how we are enjoying the service. I get to tell her about my love of Ronald, and the straw, to learn that they are very hard to come by because of some weird Alaska rules about crazy recycling. This only makes me appreciate Ronald more, and be confused about crazy Alaska recycling (I love recycling, so I’m not upset, just confused why I’m not allowed to have straws easily). I am still feeling loved and happy that I managed a straw.

Despite the difficulty in obtaining straws, and my emergency purse straw, Ronald gave me a straw every night.

Heh, dirty.

Honeymoon Recap Part 3: The Straw Man

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2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Recap Part 3: The Straw Man

  1. This totally sounds like the kind of situation I would get excited about and remember from my own trips. I’m not super finnicky about things, but I too, require a straw to drink out of drinks with crushed ice… or basically any soda glass from a restaurant. I can’t get over the whole, not knowing where the glass has been part. Which makes little sense logically, considering the drink is already in said glass, but I feel much better drinking it from a straw.

    1. Crushed ice is pretty much my favorite thing about getting drinks at restaurants. When I have the opportunity to buy my own refrigerator, I want one that has a crushed ice setting.

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