1. Eh, I’m iffy on this. Possibly because I spectacularly crushed all hopes of doing the heroic/meaningful thing I once wanted to do and landed in a boring, stereotypical admin job. Maybe this is all a cop out to just make myself feel better, but: the reality is, you can’t be exceptional at everything all the time. And while I strive to be a good, if not great, employee (and have consistently gotten positive feedback at literally every job I’ve ever had)…I know that making my job and specifically fast advancement my top priority in life means I’m going to drop the ball in a LOT of other places. Sometimes it really does have to be slow and steady (this may not be exactly what this woman is doing, but more to the answer of why being a hero isn’t for everyone).

    • I get the point you’re trying to make here. I personally don’t see the problem with trying to be the best at everything you do. With that said, I can also see how that would be a difficult/arduous task at times. I think that while it may not be the best life choice to always want to be the best at everything you do, losing the ambition to be the best at anything you do is a far worse problem.

  2. Lacking ambition bothers me a lot more than most things in the world. I have zero clue why it’s such a bother to me, but when someone with potential actively makes a decision to not utilize that potential, it bothers me just a bit.

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