33 Word Love Stories – A Compilation

The other day, I had someone ask me whatever I did with the 33 word love story series that I did on my old blog. They won’t be going my coming book, so I feel like this is as good of place as any to share them. The inspiration for the following stories came from this post. (Private blog, though one of the best blogs I’ve ever read…linking to the post in case the author decides to go public one day in the future) All five stories are presented without additional commentary.


He always said sorry first, even when she was wrong.
When he lost his hair to cancer, she shaved hers off.
When they both passed on, they did so together, as they slept.


At age 10, she threw her crayons at him.
At age 23, he gave the crayons back with a ring.
At age 74, she tossed the crayons at him from her hospital bed.


I really enjoy being able to tell people
That the first moment I knew you loved me
Wasn’t because of words or actions
It was because of the way you looked at me


After 1000 days together and 1000 nights as well, I gathered the courage to ask her to marry me.
She said yes, but I didn’t need to hear her words to know her heart’s answer.


Why do writers, artists, musicians, and nobles the world over
Still attempt to put the grace and beauty of love into words
When the actions of humanity are all the words it needs?

9 thoughts on “33 Word Love Stories – A Compilation”

    1. Thank you very much. I think I need to write a few more of these in the near future. It might be a good way to stoke my creative fire again.

        1. Some of these were harder to write than others. I think I need to do another set of these in the nearish future. They’re a challenge. Not to mention they’re not my normal type of story. I typically don’t write love stories.

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