1. Wedding rehearsal was probably the easiest part about our wedding.

    Fortunately we didn’t have any issues with anyone not showing up that was supposed to, or showing up that wasn’t supposed to, but there was some day before drama with a cousin who has effectively been blocked and deleted from all avenues of social media because of her behaviour.

    • I feel like I expected our rehearsal to be more chaotic because of the horror stories that I’d heard. That said, most of us know how to follow directions and not be jerks, so it worked out nicely.

      • That’s definitely a big part of it. I mean, we totally goofed off a lot, but the actual process was smooth, and no-one got carried away or ignored directions.

        Honestly, the most stressful part of our rehearsal was that the flooring in the church was a little delayed (they renovated the entire church just before our wedding; we had actually pushed the date back a month to give them more time), and so at 11am on rehearsal day I was told they were still finishing it.

        • That’s not to say we didn’t goof off. I wore a luchador mask during part of the rehearsal, while my groomspeople wore silly hats of various varieties. But our listening skills were on point, so we got done in under a half hour.

          I legitimately think it took my brother-in-law longer to set up the Chipotle catering we ordered for rehearsal dinner than it did for us to complete the actual rehearsal itself. That said, he set up almost by himself, so he was at a disadvantage.

  2. I feel like the only thing I really learned during the whole process is that people are crazy, no one agrees on anything, and in general weddings are overrated 🙂 But maybe I’m just a pessimism.

    • Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of the concept of weddings either. There is far too much religion associated with (most) weddings for me to find them enjoyable. Not to mention the fact that they’re typically long ordeals that involve lots of sitting and dancing — neither of which I’m particularly keen on. I enjoyed ours as much as I could for a wedding though.

      • As a religious person (comparatively), that part is quite nice to me usually. It’s the general expectation of perfection and grandiosity, along with squabbling that planning & carrying out a huge ceremony too often brings. They can be nice- and I certainly am glad you enjoyed yours! It’s just a difficult process all around IMO. In our culture the wedding seems to be cared for and planned for way more than the marriage, and that seems wrong somehow…

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