100 Posts, Quiet Sounds, and Trying to Revive My Writer

Today’s post marks number 100 since TTW started last year. I’m frankly a bit surprised that this post snuck up on me the way that it did. Hell, I didn’t even realize I was close to 100 posts until I was sitting at home the day before Labor Day, happened to look at my posts and thought ‘hey, I only need 2 more posts for 100…that’s neat’. Blogging has been one of the furthest things from my mind lately.

As I talked about Monday, I’ve had pneumonia over the past week, so that took me out for a bit. Catching up with work around that wasn’t exactly fun, and apartment searching was even less so — though that might be a bit better saved for another post. The closest I’d gotten to caring about blogging was trading off tweets with Bloglovin’s Twitter account where I called them out for being biased against adult language, they asked how, I told them, and they they never answered me again. Not that I’d expect any less from Bloglovin, but that’s not the point.

It’s been quiet around this blog lately as well. REALLY quiet. Quiet to the point where I’ve briefly considered shutting this blog down from time to time((Or at the very least going back to a non-self-hosted website.)). I’m not going to for various reasons, but the thought has crossed my mind. It’s a very surreal feeling, not knowing if I want to be blogging. I’ve written blogs in some capacity off and on since I was 17, and I’m nearing my 28th birthday this year. It’s not necessarily that I’ve become tired of blogging. Perhaps I’m just running out of things to write about. Perhaps my inner writer has gone quiet.

That thought itself — that my inner writer has gone quiet — worries me a bit too. The publishing process for my book has taken A LOT longer than I would have expected, though that could be due to nothing more than naivety on my part. Even so, I’ve had a handful of really good writing related ideas, some fiction writing related and some not, that I haven’t been able to bring myself to write. The sad part is that I know that at least one of those ideas((One of the fiction writing ones.)) is a really good story idea, and yet I feel too…something…to write it. I don’t know if it’s a too tired, too stressed, too fatigued, too apathetic, too something else or everything at once. Regardless, I can’t put pen to paper and that saddens me.

I may try writing some short stories on this blog in the near future, just to see if it helps me out. No promises. After all, I’m not exactly sure what I’d write about at a short story level. That said, I’ve already written 100 posts for this blog and have yet to get another good story started since the first one went up. What’s the worst it could do?

100 Posts, Quiet Sounds, and Trying to Revive My Writer

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15 thoughts on “100 Posts, Quiet Sounds, and Trying to Revive My Writer

  1. 1- Hope you feel better soon! Pneumonia is awful.

    2-It’s been quiet in general on the blogosphere lately. My year of self-hosting runs out in December and I’m already trying to decide if I want to keep it or go back to something free…I do love WP, but whether it is worth the $ when blogging is becoming less & less of a priority is a question I have to face.

    1. I have been feeling better, particularly over the past couple days, so that’s a positive. I think whether or not I got back to free WordPress or not is going to be largely dependent on what my book ends up doing. If it performs well, I’ll keep this blog as is. If not, I’ll likely go back to free WordPress.

    1. Apparently the majority of pneumonia cases are bacterial (at least that’s what I’ve been told). Considering antibiotics made me feel significantly better, I presume that was the source of my illness as well.

      1. Told you I knew zip 🙂 How icky. So long as you’re feeling better. The closest I ever got to the fevers you described was tonsillitis, and without antibiotics I’m not sure what would have happened. A friend of mine has tonsillitis as frequent as the common cold – I had it only the once, but it was the most uncomfortable 3 days I’ve ever experienced, and all I could keep thinking was “how does she do this?!”

        1. I’m not one to get ill very often, so this was quite unsettling for me. I don’t like being off my feet. It makes me feel unproductive. I don’t get how someone could have tonsillitis that frequently. Don’t doctors recommend your tonsils be removed if it’s that much of a recurring problem?

          Also — are you the person that’s been visiting from Croatia today? I’m very excited to see Croatia back on my stats (I had a couple of regular readers from Croatia on my original site, but really haven’t seen the country pop up since then). I know you’re typically in the UK, however I know you travel a good bit, so I figure it might be you.

          1. With you on the unproductive thing. I get all fidgety. They do, and she has. I’ve no idea what tonsillitis can connect to without tonsils, but she still gets it. It was more severe during school, but it was just the way she’d go “just tonsillitis”, and then I got it and was completely floored.

            Oh, you’ve rumbled me. And I thought I was being so sneaky! I’m in Pula right now. I’ll probably cover it at some point, but it was a complete accident. We came here to see David Gilmour, and it just snowballed into an impromptu holiday. And the country has the audacity to be pretty!

          2. I’m not particularly familiar with Pula. The people I used to talk to from Croatia were in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, so those are the locations I’m more familiar with. I’d love to have the money to travel Europe — particularly Eastern Europe (specifically Poland, Croatia, Estonia, and Slovenia), however that sort of money is an amount I highly doubt I’ll come into easily or any time soon.

          3. I’d love the money too, this year just happens to be coat-tail riding and I’m not even slightly ashamed. To be honest, and I’m aware how pretentious it’s going to sound but screw it, I’m actually looking forward to not going anywhere when I get home. I love travelling, but unless I decide to reroute my career plans to travel-blogging, I really need to get some projects off the ground when I return, otherwise I’ll never do anything…

    1. There’s a poem going up next Monday, so that’s something. I might have to write a standalone short story in the not too distant future. Just need to think of a topic.

  2. Just to give you some hope on the quieting voice; it seems to be something that hits everyone once in a while. It was actually around 27 that I shut down my blog, which at the time was still under Geeky Ambiguous Me. I was writing full time for work and just found that my fountain of creativity was dry. I shut it down for about a year, and after that, everything just came flying back, and I was able to launch the new version of my blog under Arbitrary Scrawling. I think much like anything else in life, there are times when creativity burns up for a while and just needs time to refresh and replenish.

    The blogosphere has been pretty quiet lately. I find it seems to often quiet around September; most people are so busy they fight to find time to get their posts up, but run out of time to keep up with the blogs they follow (even I’m guilty of that; as of last week I had over 100 posts to read up on).

    1. I’ve always found I seem to pump out writing much better in the fall. No idea why, but that’s just been the case for a long time. I’m really hoping I can use the next couple of months as things cool down to allow myself to get a good bit of writing done — particularly on some of the fiction writing I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now.

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