1. This is awesome. It’s funny how dark and/or nonsensical a lot of children’s songs and stories are, but we never realize it when we’re kids! We’re just like, “Oh ok. This is a fun thing to say!”

    • Oh, it’s fantastic. I feel like there’s so many more songs I could do this with, but I don’t know if I want to. At least this is better than someone today who tried to tell me that the song “Oh Happy Day” was written for Sister Act…never mind the fact that it was an 18th Century hymn and was a huge hit twice before that movie was ever in theaters.

    • I’m taking suggestions for a sequel to this list. I feel like “Rock-a-bye Baby” likely makes the list, though I’m sure there are others that are equally morbid.

  2. Interesting. The Beans song was different here:

    Beans, beans, the magical fruit,
    The more you eat, the more you toot;
    The more you toot, the more you fart,
    And that’s what makes them good for your heart.

    As for the Raining song, I remember bringing that up in the second grade. Due to my mother passing away three years earlier, and my step-mom nearly dying during Grade 1, I understood death more than my classmates. The first time we sang the song, the teacher had us skipping around in a circle singing it to a happy melody, and I was like “What?” So I asked her why we were singing happily about an old man dying and she was mortified that I drew that conclusion.

    I never liked that song much.

    • I’ve heard the Beans song with that variation before, however the one I stated was far more well known in the Midwestern USA from what I understand. It’s the one I grew up with, so it’s the one I went with. It makes me laugh regardless.

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