1. Personally, I got rid of my comment purely because I did not have the time to reply to them, I would read them yes, but could rarely offer a reply until over a week later, and that felt rude. So I took them away. The standard of my comments were really good and I did love them; and I also miss them, but I don’t feel such a bellend.

    • I try to get to my comments within the day of people commenting, however I’m not always able to do so. I get the reason you took your comments away, and considering the type of blog you have, I think your work speaks for itself more than a set of comments can help it. That might just be my opinion though.

  2. Laidig's Broadway

    Google changing Youtube commenting, what a positive difference it has made – now there is even MORE spam, hurray!

    • If there’s anything I love more than spam comments, it’s even more spam comments. By the way — your comment was impeccably timed. I’ve been having a terribly depressing week when it came to writing for various reasons. Getting a comment all (especially from someone who reads as often as you do) was quite nice. So. Thank you.

      • Laidig's Broadway

        Lovely, lovely virusy-filled ones. I never understood the chainmail spam thing when it was doing the rounds on emails, but I understand it even less in the comments section. Is it an inclusion thing, being part of the gang? And who actually clicks on the links? Because it must be enough to justify their existence… Or I’m overthinking.

        And more than welcome! Consider it a worded-hug.

  3. I feel like there are some places that could benefit from not having comments (particularly on news stories, articles, etc), but I think it’s important to have with a blog. Even if the author doesn’t always have time to reply, part of what draws many people in to blogging is the interactive experience. I love the opportunity to share my thoughts on a post with an author, and I love when people do the same with mine.

    • I try to make an effort to reply to every comment I get on my blog. While I haven’t been able to do it as quickly as I’d like to, I enjoy giving that personalized touch on my blog. That said, I do think there’s a time and place to prevent comments from being posted. I doubt it’ll be relevant on my blog, but like you said, it’s useful on objective news stories.

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