1. I haven’t read all of your NaNiWriMo story, although I will hopefully go back and do so. Either way this is a great post- as a non-fictional/professional/”serious” writer I find that kind of inspiration and process really interesting.

    • Of course. It’s on the old blog, but let me know when you do get the chance to read it. I love music and tying it into my writing. It was a bit of a struggle to remember what I was listening to for a couple of chapters, but I do find the insight into what someone is thinking about/listening to when they write to be fascinating.

      • I will! I’m not usually a fan of fiction blogs, and I think that’s why I skipped them- reading in chunks is not my strong suit 🙂 I’m greedy and want it all now! Haha. I will be sure to check it out. Maybe I’ve just started paying more attention, but it seems like the number of authors giving music(ians) credit for inspiration is really becoming more widespread now. Oddly, I have a specific type of music I like when reading certain things…

          • It varies depending on the author. For instance, John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, etc) is super open about his love of The Mountain Goats. Stephanie Myer (Twilight- I KNOW) apparently listened to a lot…Muse, I think it was? Those are the two off the top of my head, but in general more authors seem to speaking up about their personal inspiration/writing process and how music plays into that.

          • Other than Maybeshewill and Biffy Clyro, most of my typical music fare wasn’t on this playlist. I listen to a lot of Red Line Chemistry, Nirvana, and Avenged Sevenfold while writing typically, but of those, I really only listened to Red Line Chemistry with this story.

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