TTVS Week 2

Happy (very late) Friday all. I don’t really have anything all that exciting to write about this week. I blame the fact that I’ve been sick the past few days. Outside of needing* to take a Nyquil and sleep for far too long, I did want to take the time to share the newest video updates from That Tiny Vlog Series with all of you.

This week, Cherie and I talked about a couple of our embarrassing school moments. If nothing else, I learned that I’m absolutely terrible at spelling the word embarrassing correctly on the first try. I typed 10-15 tweets with the word in it over the course of Sunday through Thursday and didn’t spell it right on the first try once. Despite that, I somehow managed to spell it correctly twice on the first try at 11:30 at night while sniffling and coughing. Go figure.

If you haven’t already subscribed to our channel on YouTube, we’d love for you to do so. Our videos for this week are below.

I took the topic of this week’s video and explained what happened when I took a can of ravioli to a track meet.

Meanwhile, Cherie’s adventures walking outside between classes resulted in a scar and (very fortunately for her) managed not to result in a rather dangerous disease.

Have an idea for a topic we should discuss in coming weeks? Feel free to share it in the comments. My hope is that next week I’ll have more of a book update to share…or at the very least be feeling well enough that I manage to write more than 300 words.

TTVS Week 2

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