Book Update #8 – Help Me Set A Price

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Hi again.

In the last three weeks, there’s been a good bit of progress on my book moving towards publishing. Here’s everything that’s happened since June 3rd.

  • June 3 – Received the first proof copy of my book.
  • June 3 – My wife did a full proofreading edit of the book.
  • June 4 – I completed my first and second proofreading edits of the book.
  • June 6 – I completed my third edit of the book.
  • June 16 – The second proof copy of my book arrived here.
  • June 18 – I completed my fourth edit of the book.
  • June 20 – I completed my fifth edit of the book.

Here we are on June 21. I’m working on my sixth (and hopefully final) edit of the book over the next couple of days. I’ll submit the proof to CreateSpace for final review[1] at that point…

…and then things have the potential to get real whirlwind-like real quick.

At that point, I think the next thing coming will be that I’ll be asking some of you for reviews of my book. Hopefully there’ll be some great reviews — or at the very least, some good reviews — coming from you wonderful people. And then, not too long in the future after that, I’ll be able to sell my book.

That’s where I need help from you all. I’m curious what you guys think the price for my book should be. I have a range I’m thinking of in my head that I’ll share in a coming post. I’ve asked numerous people what they’d pay for a paperback copy of my book. That said, I’ve gotten quite a wide range of prices that have been thrown my way…to the point where I’d have no idea where to start pricing it.

So…to readers of this blog: what would you recommend as a cost for a paperback copy of my book? What about a Kindle copy? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

By the way…if you’re interested in writing a review of An Epilogue to Innocence in anticipation of its publishing date, let me know. I’m hoping to line up reviewers to publish some reviews in the near future.

For those curious as to additional specifics about the book, here are the most common questions I’ve gotten so far and their answers.

  • How many pages is the book?
    • It’s going to be around 130 pages[2].
  • What kind of book is it?
    • It’s a book of dark, fiction short stories.
  • Will you be selling signed copies?
    • I hadn’t planned on it, but I’ve had five people ask me this in the last two weeks. So…maybe? If you’re interested, let me know.
  • You’ve talked about how you want to make enough money to cover editing costs. How many copies do you need to sell to do that?
    • Depends on what I set the price at. I’m going to estimate 75-100 copies, however that’s too be determined.
  • How can I help you be awesome?
    • Stay tuned for the next post. All those details will be coming then.

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