Book Update #9 – It’s Happening

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Ladies and gentlemen…ready your Ron Pauls…because it’s happening.

I told you to ready them. You were warned. Image credit:

After months[1], my book, An Epilogue to Innocence, finally has a date it’ll be publishing*. On July 10th, 2016, you’ll be able to purchase An Epilogue to Innocence via Amazon and via the Kindle Store. Here’s some details about the sale of the book and what not…but then I want to give out some much needed and incredibly deserved thank yous.

Pricing and Availability

So that little asterisk in the above paragraph is kind of important, as Amazon, CreateSpace, and Kindle work a little bit differently when it comes to pre-orders. While Kindle allows books to be pre-ordered[2], Amazon reserves pre-ordering for their partners, while CreateSpace doesn’t appear to allow it at all. Because of this, there will be an unintentionally staggered release of the book. Here are the details.

CreateSpace StoreAn Epilogue to Innocence launched June 26th and is currently available for sale. You can buy a paperback copy of the book for $7.99.

Amazon.comAn Epilogue to Innocence June 26th and is currently available for sale. You can buy a paperback copy of the book for $7.99.

KindleAn Epilogue to Innocence is available for pre-order and will be delivered by July 10th. You can buy a Kindle copy on its own for $2.99. You can also take advantage of Amazon’s matchbook program which would allow you to get the Kindle copy of the book for an additional $0.99 if you buy the paperback. Those interested in the Matchbook program should see that in the coming days.

International Customers: An Epilogue to Innocence is available via Amazon Europe for €7.09 or £5.59. There are various prices for the Kindle book depending on what country you’re in — I’m still waiting on clarification on this — however I know it’ll be €2.99 or £2.29 for the Euro and Pound, respectively.

For those of you who read this blog and want to help me out, I would encourage you to order from the CreateSpace store rather than Amazon. Why? I make slightly[3] more if the book is purchased from CreateSpace over Amazon. Since my end goal here is the make back the money I spent on editing, every dollar helps. If I can make more than that, amazing.

Signed Copies: For now, there won’t be signed copies of the book. There really wasn’t an interest in them from any of the channels I asked on[4]. If there’s an interest at some point in the future, I might sign some copies for those interested[5]. For now though, no.

Thank Yous

So I devoted a few pages of my book to thanking people for what they’ve done in the process of writing this book. With that said, I wanted to take part of this post and call out a few people who have had a particular impact on the process of getting this book from an unorganized set of stories to a published book. Without further ado, thank you to…

  • …Erin for being the first person to recognize that my writing and storytelling ability was worth more than just the therapeutic value I personally put towards it.
  • Amanda and Jen for exposing me to the publishing process they each went through when writing their books, inspiring me to do the same.
  • Kat for introducing me to a publishing contact, then becoming an invaluable resource in getting my book self-published when my publisher went out of business.
  • …Chris for doing a wonderful job in the editing process and Brandon for the exceptional cover art.
  • Samantha and my wife for their assistance in fine-tooth comb editing and improving wording of my writing.
  • …and to the various people who were kind enough to write reviews for me as part of the book launch process including, but not limited to[6], Samantha, Stephanie, Tabitha, Amanda, Mike, Tim, Karina, Brittany, Eve, Kat, Kelli, and Erin. I‘ll link their reviews here as they’re posted, as well as linking them on the book’s Facebook page.

If you would like to review the book yourself after you read it, I would encourage you to do so both on the Amazon page as well as the book’s Goodreads page. This is a really exciting time for me…thank you to everyone willing to share it with me.

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