1. So, I’m not into Pokemon. Didn’t care as a kid, don’t care now. But I’ve noticed the same thing regarding general nerdiness. What bugs me about the prominence of nerd culture though is that there’s also this tendency to call nerdy things non-nerdy now. Like, I love to read and watch Dr Who and I know I’m a nerd. I wear the term proudly. But my mom still acts like I’m berating myself when I say that and tells me “No, it’s great that you like to read! It’s not nerdy.” Um, yes it is great and yes it is also nerdy. I still like John Green’s definition of nerdy, which is that it revolves around how much you like things (rather than specific things you like). With “nerd” coming up in today’s culture so much it feels too hipster- like people are being nerdy ironically instead of actually because they love it (ie you doing the Pokemon things versus the kids who didn’t play it the first go round).

    Also, that mom sounds terrible. I admit I don’t like video games either, but my husband loves them and I’ve come to realize that it holds meaning for him. Yes, it can be annoying when he completely zones out but everyone has a hobby (playing Xbox all day is no more immature than marathoning the Kardashians).

    • I think for me I noticed this phenomenon more because how much of an escape Pokemon was for me as a child. The only other things that I was into as a kid that much — pro wrestling and running — weren’t exactly considered nerdy for me to feel some level of backlash toward. While I don’t think that Pokemon is the first time in nerd culture something like this has happened, I do think it’s the most pronounced time.

      And yes, that mom was a terrible person.

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