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    I wondered if you’d bring up something in relation to the RNC. How is Cleveland doing in the aftermath? When they were reporting on it over here, we were playing the game of spot-anyone-non-white, and then they cut to a protest outside, “there they are!”. My personal enjoyment hangs between the mild-homo-eroticism with the T in the P symbol Trump and Pence have emblazoned on their campaign, and how desperately Pence and co are trying (and failing) to manage Trump.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t even begin to quell the fear for you guys – I mean talk about being caught between rock and a hard place.

    • I’ve always found British/Scottish/Irish television far more interesting than American television. You’re only serving to continue to prove my point with your explanation of what happened there. And the city/area itself is surprisingly calm. Other than adding some time to my commute length, things haven’t been too bad. I’m very surprised things haven’t gotten worse from a public standpoint. Of course, the rhetoric on the stage is just as frightening as I’d imagined, if not more so.

      • Laidig's Broadway

        Well we have our own political calamity to deal with. Similarly entertaining to watch because of how ridiculous it all is, but even with the buffer that is the border with England, if Westminster and their parties don’t get their shit together the impact is going to be baaad. I mean it’s already, it’ll just be…badder.

        I’d advocate a fingers-in-ears-and-la approach, but it hasn’t worked since he announced he would run, unlikely to work now…

  2. YES!!! I am so sick of this political divide, the media and political leaders are playing us like puppets with all the fear-mongering and hate. Our country does NOT have to be like this- it is possible to disagree without demeaning a person and their entire ideology.

    For the Colorado shooting, I think the point is that he (like the Westboro Baptist Church) doesn’t truly express the foundation of Christianity anymore than the 9/11 bombers truly express the foundations of Islam. There are lots of people who twist religion- all religions- for their own purposes but just because someone uses a label for themselves doesn’t mean it truly fits, if that makes sense.

    • I think it’s just as much people not wanting to find any fault in groups they belong to as it is people twisting religion and ideologies to suit their own needs. It’s one thing to say that one bad group (like WBC) doesn’t represent all of Christianity. That would be completely true, and I think most people recognize that. It’s another to say “oh, this person is a bad person, they obviously aren’t part of my group”. To make that blanket statement is just to put your head in the sand.

      • Eh, to a certain degree that’s incredibly likely but overall I disagree. If I went “Oh Charleston shooter can’t be white because white people don’t go on shooting sprees” that would be just ignorance and avoidance because that is a fact. Religion is much murkier, which makes this difficult to be sure, but I think it’s completely logical to say “This person clearly violated XYZ of my religion’s basic foundations based on this so I don’t believe he shares my faith.” (ie “He clearly violated one of the commandments without showing any remorse, which is not what a follower of Christ would do”). Again, it’s not denying that he did those things based on *his* interpretation of Christianity…simply pointing out that he doesn’t represent the majority of the faith. Not sure why it matters if it is a group or an individual when we are doing that…

        • I think to me it’s just as much a concern about the rhetoric that goes around with bad events that occur in the world. As an example, when situations like the Orlando shooting happened with a man who followed the Muslim faith as the assailant, you turn on the TV/open Twitter and see people begin immediately blaming all Muslims for everything. Obviously that’s an issue. Not all Muslims act like that. My point is more so that people see extremism acts from other groups and decry that group as a whole. Yet, if an act of extremism occurs from someone within their own identifying group — suddenly that same group of people turns a blind eye to that extremism.

          • Well if you generalize against all groups EXCEPT your own, then that is hypocritical and I agree that’s a huge problem. I guess I am just hoping (perhaps too optimistically) that if you are capable of understanding the importance of differentiation between individual and group behavior as it applies to you/your identifying group, then you are capable (and willing) to do so for others and their identifying groups as well. So I would take that as a good sign, actually, because it’s the generalizations and us v them mentality. If we can separate the “us,” we can also separate the “them” and realize that we are all people and some are bad but that doesn’t mean EVERYONE is bad.

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