AETI: Kindle Free Book Deal Announcement

I’d like to take a moment to announce that my debut book, An Epilogue to Innocence, will be going on sale for its first Kindle free book deal. On Wednesday, July 27th, you can get An Epilogue to Innocence on the Kindle store for free.

So…why am I doing this?

I’ve been fortunate enough that sales for An Epilogue to Innocence are going decently so far. As I mentioned in the publishing announcement post, my goal is to make back the money I spent on editing. Anything above and beyond that would be wonderful, but I don’t expect it. In the 13 days since my book released, I’ve been able to make back about 57% of my editing costs. While that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get to 100%, I feel pretty good about where I’m at.

As a result, I’ve decided to put the Kindle version of my book on sale — to purchase for free — one day every month. Theses days don’t particularly have any pattern, other than they’ll coincide with the funniest obscure holiday I can find for that month. July 27th is National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day…so I’d say that qualifies.

If you do pick up my book for free on July 27th (or any other day it’s up free), I ask that you write a review for my book on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews to this point have been largely positive, which I never expected to see. If you like the book, you can loan the Kindle book to your friends freely — even with a free version of the book — so share and tell people about the book.

2 thoughts on “AETI: Kindle Free Book Deal Announcement”

  1. That’s so awesome, that is a great rate of sale so far. And I don’t think I responded on Twitter, but the signed copy sounds great and I will definitely get one- meant to ask how much notice you need.

    And how nice to share your book- I will be sure to download the Kindle one and leave my review there also.

    1. Sounds good on the signed copy side. I’ll send you a DM with a few questions later today.

      As for the free/shared book, I’ll be doing this once a month for sure, if not slightly more frequently. We’ll see how that goes though. I’d love for people to find out about it via the free Kindle version and then become purchasers of the physical book. We’ll see if that happens though.

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