New Digs, Old Home, Same Site

If you’ve been on That Tiny Website in the past 48 hours or so (and judging by the traffic crater caused by a technical glitch, I’m betting you haven’t), you may have noticed some changes to the site. Most noticeably, you have seen a pretty drastic theme change. While the colors are, for now, the same, most of the rest of the layout, including the superscript style notes, are gone.

This is all the result of me moving off of my old hosting platform and back onto While I generally liked my old hosting provider, after two years with them I realized that the self-hosting process isn’t exactly what I expected it to be. In addition to a lot of unexpected costs and my rates rising from year one to year two, the customer service provided by said hosting company was not as comprehensive as I expected it to be. Add on the fact that it took them two weeks to even respond to my last support request — only for them to tell me how to do it myself — and I figured out quickly that I wasn’t going to be sticking with my hosting provider.

I did decide to hang onto my website domain for another year, however. Considering my domain made up less than 20% of my total costs from my hosting provider, the amount I’m spending per year to run my blog is now much more manageable. Plus, now that I’m back to hosting on, if I do decide to let my domain lapse, I already have the WordPress version of the domain claimed for myself.

There’s still some cleanup I need to do on my end to make things readable. While all of the external links should still work, I’m still testing links on old blog posts to make sure they go to the right places. On top of that, those superscript footnotes I mentioned in an earlier paragraph are going to take a long time to change formatting on. And believe me, there are A LOT of those footnotes to fix.

For the handful of you who are still around reading, thanks again for sticking around. I really do appreciate it. In the coming days, I’ll have some more book news (spoiler: Things aren’t going close to as well as they were initially…not even close), a new short story, and possibly an update on my vlog.

2 thoughts on “New Digs, Old Home, Same Site”

    1. Had my hosting plan not gone up in price from year 1 to year 2 — and had a SSL cert not cost almost as much as a full year of hosting — I probably would have stayed self-hosting. It’s not worth it right now though.

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