1. I had to Google a lot of the candies you’ve listed as we don’t have them in Canada.

    It sounds like the Halloween desirables are a little bit different here. Fun Dips would be considered a huge score, and while everybody would get annoyed that they got WAY too many Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops were a hot commodity.

    Chip bags were also a pretty big score and the odd house that gave out cans of pop. Jolly Ranchers and Starburst were rare and were highly desired.

    Now, we just buy all the candy we want and buy the kids the stuff we don’t 😉

    • AbsentElemental

      Chip bags would absolutely be a huge score, however since this was a candy list, I left them off.

      I have a major issue with American Smarties thanks to a friend of mine who brought me back Canadian Smarties in high school. American Smarties are terrible…Canadian Smarties are better than most American chocolate candies. Frankly I’m just sad about that.

      I think the other issue I have is that I hate candy that gets stuck to my teeth easy. With the exception of Jolly Ranchers (which are just vile…but also get stuck to my teeth), I think that’s a big reason I don’t like the candies you mentioned that would be highly desired for you.

      • Canadian Smarties are awesome. We call your smarties ‘Rockets’ here. Scott loves them, I hate them.

        I’ve never liked the getting stuck to my teeth thing, but I am addicted to Jolly Ranchers… they’re one of the few candies I actually still eat once in a blue moon.

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