1. Maybe some guest posts promoting your drive? You’re more than welcome to do one for my blog 🙂

    I still have to buy it as well–I have to clear it with hubs, but I totally plan on it because it’s a completely great cause, and it’s a fantastic book.

    • AbsentElemental

      I appreciate that you want to buy it. It’s always nice to hear that. I’m admittedly disappointed with how the whole thing has gone, though I think that comes through clearly enough in this post and others. I think I would have done some guest posts had I done it differently. That said, I think in retrospect this event was extremely poorly timed between my life getting very busy, the election and its fallout dominating news coverage, and the fact that I’m not well-established on most social media. I also didn’t get as good of a response in terms of people helping me out as I did with reviews at launch. Live and learn, I guess.

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