• AbsentElemental

      I take it you went to the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Want to Learn to Do Other Stuff Good As Well?

      And yes, I’m more than happy to have you as one of the readers. I’ll be getting more info out next week.

  1. Charity Drive – As I’ve mentioned before, I’m sad you’re not getting more uptake on this, but I am glad you’ve had some! It is definitely a great cause you are raising money for.

    Podcast – You guys are hilarious, so to anyone else reading this post of Tim’s and the comments, check it out! I look forward to listening to it on my commute every other week!

    Writing Project – I’m pretty sure I already volunteered, but in case I thought about it but forget to comment, I volunteer as tribute!

    • AbsentElemental

      You did already volunteer! You’re one of the two people I mentioned. I’m going to get a message together to you/others who have volunteered sometime next week probably.

      I’m really glad that you enjoy the podcast. You’re really the first person we’ve heard from who has listened to more than one episode, so I’m happy to hear at least someone enjoys us. Subscribe and tell your friends lol.

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