Podcast Episode 8 – The Polls

A bit earlier today, episode #8 of Everyone Is Funnier Than Us posted on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Pocket Casts[1]. In the episode, Samantha and I mentioned that we’d be putting polls up on our blogs to get your thoughts on our Would You Rather questions.

Polls will tentatively close Friday, December 30th at 1pm Eastern. We’ll see though. We may keep the polls up longer depending on when we’re able to record. That said, vote on our six Would You Rather questions below.

And as I mentioned in the podcast, here’s the video from Vanessa Hill and Braincraft about why we work. If you find the content in this video interesting, I’d encourage you to read the book “Drive” by Dan Pink. Said book gets much deeper into the concepts Hill covers in this video.

I’m still pulling together a few final numbers from the charity drive. A post regarding that will go up a bit later in the week.

Podcast Episode 8 – The Polls

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