1. $50 still isn’t terrible 🙂 Perhaps you could try this again maybe in the spring? I know the end of the year tends to be the craziest for everyone, so often people don’t take as much notice. Even Giving Tuesday donations seem to have dropped (especially this year).

    That being said, I am glad you ran the fundraiser, as it gave double the reason to buy a physical copy of your book. I’ll be sending the second one to a friend who was from 20SB way back when. 🙂 It makes for a great Christmas present!

    • AbsentElemental

      I’m thinking I will do something at some point in thee future. It’ll probably be in the spring, but to be determined. I do want to do another free Kindle book promo, however I have to work out when I want to do that first.

    • AbsentElemental

      Oh, and thank you for sharing my book with someone else. I really don’t get to talk to most of the old 20SB crowd anymore (when I made my Twitter private, a lot of them are the ones that I removed as followers), but there’s still a handful of people like you that I get to talk to.

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