1. Charlie Brooker is a peculiar but genius fellow, although I consider Chris Morris his guardian angel (and, personally, his superior). Even over here, Black Mirror was a surprise for UK tv. There was this small period of maybe two/three years where outstanding homegrown tv happened, and then it went downhill again. We’re a bit inconsistent.

    • AbsentElemental

      I find there’s a lot of British television I end up watching. In particular, I’ve found myself watching a lot of Sherlock, Black Mirror, The IT Crowd, and even Moone Boy. That said, I’m not familiar with Chris Morris outside of the fact that he was in The IT Crowd. What has he done?

      • Oh boy, do I have a list. So he’s a writer more than anything else, the best known being ‘Brass Eye’, a satirical late night news show that is a spoof of our real news show ‘Newsnight’. Its predecessor is ‘The Day Today’ (which also spawned Steve Coogan’s character Alan Partridge). In between those he wrote ‘Jam’ and ran a radio show ‘Blue Jam’, neither of which I would advise for the faint-hearted/not into alternative comedy. It’s a bit…intense.

        He co-wrote ‘Nathan Barley’ with Brooker which…I can’t actually describe that show in a way that would do it justice, but some of the ‘IT Crowd’ cast are in it (in part thanks to the birth of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ – Morris and Brooker had no hand in that, but it sort of explains a lot of the creative relationships involved in all of the shows mentioned so far). If you want a film, he wrote and directed ‘Four Lions’, which is also a little bit out there.

        Incidentally, if ‘IT Crowd’ worked for you, I cannot recommend ‘Father Ted’ and ‘Blacks Books’ enough – I personally rate those as Graham Linehan’s best work, although he had a healthy hand in some of the shows above, too. All of that should keep you indoors for a good few weeks, no need to thank me 🙂

        • AbsentElemental

          I’ve heard of Father Ted, however that’s the only show on your list that even has a familiar name. Then again, I don’t watch a ton of television, so this shouldn’t be too shocking. I’ll certainly look into some of the shows you mentioned on this list though.

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