Episode 11 Show Notes

Check out the show notes for the newest episode of my podcast, Everyone Is Funnier Than Us. We’re trying the show notes format to see how it works. Feel free to leave feedback and let us know what you think.

Everyone Is Funnier Than Us

So we thought we’d try this thing where we do show notes with our episodes. We’re not really sure where this will go yet, however it’s always worth trying. Plus, if we have polls going forward, we’ll direct you here (potentially) so that you can just get to the polls easily.

Haven’t downloaded episode 11, entitled “Money is Funny (At Least Something Is)”? You should click on one of the links below to download this episode now. We’re also available on Pocket Casts in addition to those below.

Google Play Music

We mentioned a few resources that you might find use to help yourself out with money in the podcast. Samantha specifically brought up the online programs Mint and Digit. Mint and Digit are neither a sponsor of Tim nor Samantha individually, nor EIFTU as a show. That said, we wanted to share a bit about them.

Mint is a…

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