1. I feel you on this. I tend to go through the same thing. I find a lot of people get momentum and ideas, but don’t necessarily consider the work that has to go into making it successful. Sometimes, it’s just people getting burned out creatively (I’m still trying to get it back after the work fiasco last year).

    Honestly though, I’ve been feeling very similarly about projects. I miss the kinds of communities I was a part of before social media was a thing. Before I even knew about 20SB there were several creative writing sites I was an active part of, including one that was built up of about 15 or so artists/writers that had all met on Fictionpress.com years ago. That has also since died.

    But I miss it. Much like 20SB, they were places that fostered my creativity because I could share in that creativity with others. I could help them shape their work, and they could help me shape mine. It was as much about reading and contributing support to others’ work as it was to producing our own. I do pine for those days. We often did so many wonderful, collaborative projects, and they were beautiful. I miss that.

    I loved the opportunity to comment on your story through the Google docs because of that very reason. I realize I fell off the boat a bit with the most recent chapter you had uploaded, but that was mostly that I didn’t have much to comment on. But those are the kinds of things I find I thrive in.

    • AbsentElemental

      Oh I’m still full on in burn-out mode, though admittedly a lot of it is from non-my writing things. I’ve had chapter 3 of the AI Project story that’s been on here (not sure if you’ve read that) in my head mapped out for about a month now, but haven’t been able to get more than a sentence or two written in that time. It makes me sad.

      I do miss the community feeling of 20SB. I keep thinking it’d be interesting to go to something like PodCon or Nerdfighteria, but I generally don’t have the time or money to make either of those happen. Most of my friends and others I know in real life don’t particularly care about my writing/creative works, so I’m limited there too.

      I killed the Google Doc story off because I couldn’t write a story as absurd as the reality we’re living in now. That said, I may revive that format at some point soon. We’ll see though.

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