1. I think the recommendations you’ve made here are pretty great. So far, I’m not a fan of the raid system because only certain levels can raid. From what I’ve tried to do, it seems gyms only are functioning as raids (at least the ones I’ve been at), so now I can’t even battle in gyms anymore.

    • AbsentElemental

      See, I can finally get into gyms somewhat regularly now with the new system. Unfortunately, raids are common enough that now there’s a lot of turnover. What level are you at? I feel like the minimum raid level is 20 now.

        • AbsentElemental

          I know that the main game was delayed in release to various countries, however I haven’t heard a ton about delaying feature releases for certain regions. Do you know what they’ve delayed/been slow with for you all?

          • We had a delayed release for the buddy system, as well as our rollout for the raid battles and nests was a few days behind the US. The buddy system took a full month to be released in Canada. There’s been a few other minor ones that have been the same.

          • AbsentElemental

            Huh. Never realized that. I can’t imagine any logistical reason why they’d do that.

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